New York leaders have been relying on one factor to aid the town in recuperating from the COVID-19 pandemic: a Joe Biden presidency.

For the past four years, President Donald Trump has set forth a few insurance measures that New York leaders say have had adverse effects on folks in his hometown.

After a weekend of partying in the streets, it did not take New Yorkers long to start gaming out what the implications of a Biden presidency are for the state.

President Trump, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Mayor Bill de Blasio have been at odds with each other for his whole four-year term, a prolonged political war that has significantly impacted a number of key areas, reported Daily News.

NY leaders are looking at former Vice President Joe Biden's win in the election for the commencement of a more coordinated relationship with the White House that has clashed with the Empire State on big and small issues in four years.

New York City residents assembled on the streets on Saturday following Biden's commanding lead in Pennsylvania that pushed him over the 270 electoral votes required to become President-Elect. New York native Trump has not yet conceded and has vowed to take legal actions against the election results, reported Democrat & Chronicle.

Trump led the cost for modification to New York and native tax deduction, commonly called SALT, that raised taxes for New York locals.

He declined to fund a number of important infrastructure initiatives and has countered providing additional stimulus cash to New York and different areas hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, reported Unfold Times.

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According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, "Trump is actively making an attempt to kill New York Metropolis. It's private. I believe it's psychological. He's making an attempt to kill New York Metropolis."

Foremost among the conflict between the federal government and New York is Trump's response to the novel coronavirus, economic relief for cities and states, and reconstructing the United States' crumbling infrastructure. The latter was a cause pledged by Trump to take up but never did.

Now, the conflict is over that would have impactful implications for New York City and New York.

President-elect Biden's win reportedly means you can expect a federal government that is more compliant to New York's infrastructure needs involving a key rail tunnel project between New Jersey and New York that has languished amid the president's term.

"This is a historic day. After the darkness, division, and hate of the past four years, America has spoken and rejected more of the same," remarked Governor Cuomo, who has had a close association with Biden.

With Biden's victory, New York leaders are expecting that a new Democratic administration would imply new hope for long-stalled initiatives and a finish to insurance policies that have been reportedly penal to the town.

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