Adele hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the first time, joking that she brought half of herself referring to her massive weight loss.

According to Adele regarding her different appearance, "because of the COVID restrictions I had to travel light and bring only half with me, so this is the half I chose," reported Daily Mail.

Weight Loss in Monologue

The Grammy-winning "Hello" singer guested at the famous Studio 8H stage in New York City to exhibit her funny side. She said more than hello when she hosted the show on October 24.

Buzzfeed declared it was one of the best episodes of this season of 'SNL' so far. 

Adele commenced the episode on a strong note though addressing curious questions using her monologue. She first talked about guesting on the comedy show for the first time 12 years ago which ushered in her music career in the United States.

Adele said it was her first major guesting since losing "something like 100 lbs" and the audience members were reportedly not the only ones laughing.

In the last sketch, Adele, flanked by Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner, was in character as a sex-addicted divorcée in Africa when she entirely lost her cool with her suggestive lines.

The British star's hosting debut offered viewers a series of sketches that showcased her comical skills and brilliant singing chops.

She endeared the public when she sang snippets of her hit songs in a skit making fun of "The Bachelor" franchise.

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She poked fun at her body weight-decline journey and explained why she was not present in the show as a musical guest. The 32-year-old singer reportedly lost 40 lbs this year. Her transformation arrived months following the finalization of her divorce from Simon Konecki.

The singer told a fan during an Anguilla trip in January that she lost an estimated 100 pounds. 

According to her former trainer Camila Goodis, she believes Adele changed her lifestyle and diet. "There is no miracle exercise that can make you look like you lost a lot of weight," reported MSN.

On why she was hosting and not present as a musical guest, according to Adele, her album is not yet finished and she cannot do both. She added that she would instead put on wigs and have a glass of wine or six and see what transpires next.

Adele also provided a special shout-out to Sarah Palin, who guested alongside her first appearance on "SNL." She went on to divulge an update on her next album following her 2015 album "25."

In the Bachelor-themed sketch, she introduced herself, "Hi I'm Adele Adkins, I'm 32. You may know me as the singer Adele. I'm here because I've had a lot of heartbreak in my life," reported Ace Showbiz.

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