Losing weight is not easyweight loss is a serious business as numerous factors come into play. These include one's body type, metabolic rate, lifestyle, diet, and physical activity. Adding nutritious foods to your morning diet is the key.

A high-protein breakfast is an ideal way to kick off the day. "Protein is a vital component to a healthy breakfast," according to SELF columnist Jessica Jones, M.S., R.D., certified diabetes educator and co-founder of Food Heaven.

If you are serious about losing weight, you will need weight loss without hunger.

Lessen your hunger and the levels of your insulin, the fat-storing hormone, in order to have an easier time losing additional pounds, reported Diet Doctor.

You will need to stop purchasing foods marketed as fat-free or low-fat. This is because food manufacturers replace fats with low-performing simple carbohydrates that rapidly digests which results in a sugar rush and eventually rebound hunger, indicated Eat This.

"The issue every person faces most is they eat too many calories," according to Mike Gorski, RD, registered dietitian, and owner of MG FitLife.

Men and women face varying challenges and conditions than women. Gorski stated, "For men, it's usually a combination of just not knowing what's in their food calorie-wise, not being able to eat like they used to, and not 'having the time' to cook or train," reported Eat This.

Eggs were once feared for having high cholesterol. Contrary to that, recent studies indicate that they do not cause heart attacks and do not unfavorably affect blood cholesterol.

Protein is found in foods such as dairy, beans, and meat. Consuming such foods in large quantities for your morning diet could bolster belly fat burning and aid in your weight loss journey.

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Many people have heard of the grapefruit diet but one should not live on a grapefruit diet alone to lose weight. A finding indicated that eating one half of a grapefruit before every meal or drinking the juice's 3 times a day could make you drop pounds.

"Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and superfoods containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are a great kick-starters," according to Rohit Shelatkar, Vice President at Vitabiotics, Fitness & Nutrition Expert.

Oatmeal is a favorable breakfast food that controls your blood sugar levels and provides your body with adequate energy to keep you hauling throughout the day.

Avoid sugar and starch including bread, potatoes, and pasta. Modern scientific studies have discovered backing that basically, low carb could help you shed pounds.

Meat has been notoriously antagonized for being the cause of many sorts of health problems, despite a lack of evidence to prove so. In reality, meat is a weight loss-friendly food high in protein that you could add to your morning diet.

Cinnamon could control your post-meal insulin spikes that leaves you feeling hungry.

Fruits with high protein include avocados, oranges, blackberries, raspberries, and bananas.

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