Life has changed as we know it. Gone are the hustle and bustle of everyday activity, but it might be boring on the ground. Instead, look harder, and the skies should be a bit different. There is a UFO spot that is a leg up over mundane bird watching.

Case in point, when 26-year old Hannah Levine was out walking her puppy. At precisely an April night and midnight, she claimed something unusual that she witnessed. Up in the sky was yellow light moving unlike any earth vehicle; it was there and zoomed out of sight to see if any activity like the Space Station or a satellite but no bulletin, reported Wall Street Journal.

She was amazed and thought it was a real UFO that was up in the night sky. She was walking in Detroit when it happened-adding that it was unidentified too.

 According to UFO enthusiasts, more people are stuck at home, and 2020 is good as more eyes are likely to see UFOs in the night sky. One observation by the nonprofit National UFO Reporting Center that alleges sightings are higher at 51% compared to 2019. From the 5,000 incidents occurring this year, about 20% were reported in April. This the period when most Americans were in lockdown.

According to Peter Davenport, 72, who with another individual, has an independent group that answers calls about UFO sightings, and emails. The National UFO Reporting Center has been working since 1994, has been getting 25 to 50 callers daily. UFO-spotter knows that Davenport's organization is actively documenting sightings.

UFO sightings have gone down until the 90s from shows like 'X-Files', and the Men in Black Film has renewed interest in literal little green men.

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Navy, UFOs, Big Foot, and many alleged sightings

For many, UFOs are filed under the Loches and Big Foot, even the Moth man urban legends. Recently skeptic had a shock that proof came from none other than the U.S. Navy that declassified sensitive material. Even the legendary Area 51 being disproven but getting press from oddball believers.

The declassified footage came from a U.S. Navy F-18 Hornet that captured an unearthly vessel skidding and zooming in the skies. Pilots and Radar operators were able to see everything on the radar and the planes forward-looking infra-red (FLIR) in the crosshairs.

Of all the footage taken of the UFO spotting phenomena, the navy footage is the most convincing. But no one will say that it's a UFO. Compared to bird watching, UFOs are interesting.

According to Davenport, others will keep quiet about what they saw. Adding that many reports are not always a UFO, but something with an explainable cause. One example he cited in 2019 during the Starlink satellite constellation was when some mistook it for a UFO.

 Last August, the Pentagon created a task force to finally study these 'unidentified aerial phenomena' or UAPs to see if they are a threat or not to America. Years before, it is the Air Force, Project Blue Book beginning 1952, and lasted until 1969 with no conclusive proof.

Will UFO spotting leads to more proof, or is as humdrum as bird watching? Time will tell.

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