The best sushi in the country is not as easy to find as it seems. There are so many sushi stalls, even in supermarkets, that you get lost in the number of options given to you.

Due to this overwhelming number of sushi everywhere you turn, you may not know what authentic sushi tastes like. But there are restaurants in America that elevate fish to an art form and leave you craving for more.

Best sushi restaurants

Here are some of the best sushi in America and where you can find them:

Akiko's in San Francisco, California

Akiko's is owned by the Lee family for more than three decades. It is a restaurant that excels in satisfying its customers who are looking for a casual meal and a sushi lover looking for impressive authentic sushi. They serve nigiri, make, omakase, Japanese black abalone, and miso butter-kissed Hokkaido crab.

If you love sake, then you must try their sake selection. It is considered as one of the best that you will find anywhere in the country. The ambiance is cave-like, adding to the whole experience.

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Bamboo Sushi in Portland, Oregon

Bamboo Sushi is the world's first certified sustainable sushi joint. With its Certified Green status, it is the most eco-friendly restaurant in the city.

The restaurant has adopted green philosophy, and they expanded it to four PDX destinations, with new locations soon to open in Seattle and Denver. The sushi here is phenomenal, and the must-try dishes are the Kimono Roll with crab, cucumber salmon, and pickled apple or the essential pole-caught Korean eel nigiri.

Cafe Sushi in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cafe Sushi caters to Harvard students and Hub industry professionals. This restaurant has beautiful aesthetics that fit well with its hidden gem profile.

You can check their regular menu with signature options like marugo with wasabi oil and smoked sea salt, the generous omakase, and other choices that will satisfy you.

Juno in Chicago, Illinois

Chef B.K Park has risen from years of difficulty, from closure due to a kitchen fire, the departure of his partner Jason Chan and other financially related difficulties.

As for the sushi, Juno will stop you at your tracks. Their signature dish is smoked hamachi that is presented under a glass dome filled with cherry wood smoke.

Kado no Mise in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kado no Mise, meaning "corner restaurant" is one of the best sushi scenes in Minnesota. It opened in 2017, and it brought the taste of Tokyo's Edomae-style sushi bars to America.

The restaurant has a sense of history and ritual and impeccable fish that is masterfully prepared under the watch of chef Shigeyuki Furukawa who was trained in Tokyo. You can take a 10-piece tour of nigiri options that you won't find at your average roll joint. You can go for kobujime (kelp-cured salmon) or inada (young yellowtail). You can also go for their best-seller, which is toro.

Kame Omakase in Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2016, chef Eric Kim opened Kame Omakase, with space enough for just eight diners and time of just two seatings per night to enjoy 16 to 20-course journeys.

The sushi served in this humble restaurant depends on the availability and seasonality. But one of their best-sellers is the octopus tentacle and hairy crabs from Hokkaido.

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