Macaroni & Cheese has been part of people's childhood, and it is considered as the comfort food of some. This simple yet amazing dish has grown into a full-fledged adult entree at restaurants with delicious twists. Here are some of the restaurants in America that serve the best mac & cheese.

American Social in Miami, Florida

American Social delivers a skillet of macaroni that is one of the best in Miami. You can choose your own ingredients, but the best match for the Vermont cheddar and Gruyere in their mac & cheese is the braised short rib or the wild boar, which is delicious enough to hold its own against cheddar.

Slow's Bar BQ in Detroit, Michigan

Most barbecue joints are too focused on keeping the fires burning to spend time on sides served with the meat, but Slow's Bar in Detroit make sure that the sides are as amazing as the main dish.

This restaurant serves a masterful mac & cheese. Their version of the dish is so luxurious in flavor that it is unbelievable that it is fueled by only cheddar and bechamel.

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Kuma's Corner in Chicago, Illinois

Kuma's Corner is known for its signature burger, but its mac & cheese is building up its reputation too. The dish is a vessel for other flavors, and you can customize it too.

The restaurant's mac & cheese has Jack, Gouda and cheddar and you can choose to add bacon, andouille sausage and chicken. Vegetables like sun-dried tomatoes are available too.

The Old Fashioned in Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is filled with restaurants that serve amazing mac & cheese, but the one that stands out the most is The Old Fashioned.

This restaurant sources the best local products, which means the mac & cheese has the sharpest cheddar in the state and it is mixed with SarVecchio, the state's creamy homegrown riff on Parmesan-Reggiano.

Westville in New York City, New York

Westville's mac & cheese is one of the best in the state that if you were to be stuck with one mac & cheese forever, theirs would be the perfect one to choose.

The restaurant's dish is served with smokey Gouda bechamel, the top layer is scorched enough, and bacon is added into this masterpiece, completing the smoke-on-smoke pairing.

Good Dog Bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Under the walls filled with adorable dog portraits, diners take on traditional comfort food like an entree-sized mac & cheese that hides Grueye, Gouda and white cheddar under a bed of perfectly crispy corn flakes. They don't serve it for breakfast, but it is available for lunch and dinner.

Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, Louisiana

Owner Donald Link opened Cochon Butcher as a meat-centric sandwich spot, but the star of the restaurant is their mac & cheese. Smoky, crispy and meaty filling buried deep in an incredibly creamy cheddar and white wine sauce that has just the right hint of tomato paste.

You can enjoy their delicious mac & cheese together with their signature BLT. You can also try their duck pastrami and Kurobuta bacon.

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