The taco is probably one of the most loved Mexican food in the United States, and it is deemed perfect because it is delicious, easy to eat, you can bring it anywhere, and it can fill your stomach.

Tacos are available almost anywhere, from fine dining restaurants, trucks, local diners, canteens and bars. A great taco is easy to find, but there are tacos that are beyond great and places that serve them are worth the visit.

Here are some of the best tacos places in the United States:

Nuestro Mexico in Bakersfield, California

Nuestro Mexico serves the best taco in the state, according to tourists and locals alike. Their tacos are smoky, grilled and meat stuffed.

The bright, colorful, family-run spot packs about three street-tacos worth of steak into one carne asada taco, but it is not just the quantity of meat that makes the taco so great. What makes the taco different is that the meat is marinated in a blend of Mexican spices that pairs perfectly with fresh grilled flavor.

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Los Altos in Detroit, Michigan

Michigan's largest Mexican population serves birria. Birria is a spicy meat stew that is usually prepared with goat. While everyone has their favorite spot for birria in the state, tacos de birria from Los Altos is among the best.

Los Altos is affiliated to Taqueria Lupita's, which is widely credited with introducing Detroiters to the traditional taqueria. Taqueria Lupita's is the favored lunch spot, but Los Altos is the spot where you can stretch your legs, sip on a margarita or cerveza and enjoy a plate of exquisitely marinated tacos de birria.

La Santa Taqueria in Miami, Florida

Mexico City chef Omar Montero has brought tacos previously only available south of the border to the Miami scene. The highlight of the La Santa Taqueria is the Villamelon Cecina with dried rib-eye, sausage, and chicharon.

La Santa Taqueria is still in the process of finding a permanent home as they only serve their amazing tacos out of a food truck while they go around Miami, the garden center truck and pop-ups throughout the city are worth seeking out.

Taqueria Pancho Villa in Dover, New Jersey

Dover is not short in high-quality Mexican food, and it is flushed with excellent tacos, but the tacos served at Taqueria Pancho Villa is the best one in the state.

Their titular taco, the Pancho Villa, is an amazing medley of onions, trimmed steak and peppers. If you are looking to break out of your comfort zone and you are looking for a different cuisine, Pancho Villa offers something more. You can go with tacos stuffed with tongue, tripe and goat meat. All of these types of tacos are worthy of your budget and time.

La Morada in Bronx, New York

New York is a culinary landmark and a cultural melting pot. It is flushed with options and quality in every arena. Although there are a lot of great taco spots in the Big Apple, the one in the Bronx stands out.

La Morada is not a hidden gem, as its spot has been featured by The New York Times and The New Yorker, with the latter calling it a "crucible for the resistance" in the face of the area's ongoing gentrification. The tacos in this spot are transcendent, their legendary bistec asado, which blends Oaxacan and Tex-Mex styles in perfect unison.

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