United States President Donald Trump announced that COVID-19 treatment has ended and that he would donate plasma to other novel coronavirus patients if requested.


In his first on-camera interview with Fox News medical expert Dr. Marc Siegel, he is currently medication-free since testing positive for the coronavirus.

Asked about his willingness to become a doctor, he answered, "Yes. No one has asked me this question yet, but I am ready. If they want me to do it, I will," reported 112 UA.

President Trump stated that during his Walter Reed military medical center treatment, he took the antibody-based drug Regeneron. After 24 hours, he began to feel better.

Trump remained hospitalized for observation following scans displaying some lung congestion and promoted his early treatment's benefits.

He depicted a rosy outlook of his path of recovery in the pre-recorded interview with Fox News medical contributor Siegel from the Rose Garden. At the same time, the Siegel was based in a network studio.

As of 9 PM in Washington, the White House physician had yet to issue his daily update on the president's health, although this was something he has carried out at least once a day each day since Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 the previous week.

Completed Treatment

According to White House physician Dr. Sean Conley on Thursday evening, Trump had completed his treatment and has been cleared to resume his public duties.

The commander-in-chief anticipating to return on the campaign trail, has since made a declaration of a "law and order" speech in front of an audience on the White House South Lawn and a Florida comeback rally.

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According to Trump, "Right now, I am medication free. I'm not taking any medications as of probably eight hours ago. I'm medication free which, frankly, makes me feel good. I don't like medication," reported Business Insider.

Siegel has mostly lauded the Trump government's tackling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experience of Being COVID-19 Positive

Trump gave a glimpse into his experience of having the virus to Siegel, indicating, "They tested the lungs ... with different machinery ... and it tested good. Initially, I think they had some congestion in there, but ultimately it tested good, and with each day it got better, and I think that's why they wanted me to stay frankly," reported MSN.

He underwent treatment for three and a half days even though he wanted to leave the hospital on the first day of his admission. The doctors persisted him to undergo longer treatment.

Although feeling well, Trump acknowledged that he suffered from fatigue and could have faced a less favorable outcome without accessibility to the medical care he has as president. He reported feeling fatigued after testing positive for COVID-19.

He told Siegel he had been retested for COVID-19 on Friday but has yet to learn of the result. "I haven't even found out the numbers or anything yet, but I've been retested and I know I'm at either at the bottom of the scale or free," reported Newsweek.

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