United States President Donald Trump acclaimed an experimental drug "cure," aiding his recovery from COVID-19. He proposed that his diagnosis could be a disguised blessing amid the global health crisis. However, there is no way for him or his physicians to know whether the drug had an impact.

After being diagnosed with COVID-19 last week, US President Trump called an experimental antibody cocktail a cure. It was created with cells initially derived from fetal tissue, which was a practice, his administration has made limitations of.

Improved Condition

He posted a new White House video on Wednesday evening, indicating his condition had put a positive light on the experimental antibody cocktail that he acclaimed for his improved disposition.

He appeared to be sensitive to the fact that his treatment course is far from that received by the average US citizen. Therefore, he promised to quickly get the drugs approved for use and for free even though he does not possess the power to do so.

President Trump remarked, "I want everybody to be given the same treatment as your President because I feel great. I feel like perfect," reported Financial Review.

Regeneron a 'Blessing From God'

He has spent parts of four days being admitted to a military hospital and went far to call his testing positive for COVID-19, a "blessing from God." The drug is named Regeneron and is regarded as a therapeutic medication and not a vaccine.

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Return to the Oval Office

Trump used his return to the White House to promote the experimental cocktail of drugs he was administered and cautioned that China would pay a hefty price to the United States. He indicated that he was attempting to get Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc's REGN-COV2 provided to novel coronavirus patients for free, reported ABC.

A White House outbreak has involved the security office head and the Marine Corps No. 2 official.

The drug is yet to be approved. His nearly five-minute video was issued two days out of public view and merely over three hours before Vice President Mike Pence's slated debate with the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Senator Kamala Harris of California.

Trump did not explain how he provides the drug for Americans for free. According to Regeneron, it had applied to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency approval on Saturday evening. The statement was his most recent effort to mend the political damage he has suffered following months of efforts to diminish the pandemic's adverse effects with over 211,000 fatalities in the US.

According to Trump, on a video posted on Twitter, "they gave me Regeneron, and other things, too, but I think this was the key, but they gave me Regeneron. And it was like, unbelievable. I felt good." He went on to describe Regeneron's COVID-19 "cure," named REGN-COV2, among treatments as therapeutic. "But to me, it wasn't therapeutic; it just made me better. Okay, I call that a cure."

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