Fox News anchor Chris Wallace trended worldwide last week after he moderated a contentious debate between presidential candidates President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on September 29, 2020.

Right after the debate, several social media users began circulating pictures that said to show Wallace vacationing on the private island owned by the late billionaire and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The truth

Although the pictures circulating online do capture Chris Wallace vacationing, they have no connection to Epstein or to the notorious private island that he once owned in the US Virgin Islands.

The people in the photograph that is circulating online are easily identifiable as Wallace and his wife, Lorraine Smothers, along with actor George Clooney and his former girlfriend Stacy Keibler.

Clooney and the Fox News host have a friendly relationship, and the two couples spent some time together at Clooney's home in Lake Como, Italy.

In August 2012, Wallace went on a four-day vacation with his wife at Clooney's Italian home, according to Politico.

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Epstein's island

Epstein pleaded guilty to charges of solicitation of prostitution and the procurement of minors for prostitution in Florida in 2007. He admitted running years-long of trafficking pyramid scheme from the US Virgin Islands, according to the lawsuit against the former wealth manager's estate.

The convicted sex offender maintained a vast social and professional network both on and off the island, which also included the wife of the US Virgin Islands' former governor, according to Business Insider.

Now that the FBI has the logbook of Epstein's "Lolita Express," the private plane he uses to go to and from the island, everyone is trying their hardest to distance themselves from their previous relationship with Epstein.

The Lolita Express flight logs to Epstein's island were published online in 2015 and it includes over 1,500 names of rich and powerful individuals. Although the list is extensive, there are interesting names that came up.

Former US President Bill Clinton has denied visiting Jeffery Epstein's island, but the Lolita Express flight logs show that Clinton took at least 11 flights to the island. Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein's victims, also claims that she saw Clinton on the island in 2002.

Epstein also held a series of scientific conferences on his island that were attended by famous physicists, including Stephen Hawkings. Other science luminaries that were in contact with Epstein include Jaron Lanier and Stephen Pinker.

Jeffrey Epstein tried to cultivate influence in the scientific community by hosting promising individuals and funding them. Most of these scientists or engineers were in contact with the billionaire to raise funding for their research or project, according to Vanity Fair.

One person that stands out on the list is Bill Gates. In 2011, Bill Gates instructed a team to meet Epstein to discuss fundraising, but Gates' team denied him ever using Epstein's "services" and going to the island to meet the children.

Actor Kevin Spacey also visited the island, as well as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. Model and friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, Naomi Campbell, has also hopped on the flight to the island.

President Donald Trump is also friends with Epstein, and his name is also allegedly on the logbook, as well as Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom.

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