Newly released court documents now claim that both pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell told one of their victims that they don't want to have sex with any black girl.

Epstein and Maxwell's racism

Both Epstein and Maxwell told their victim, Virginia Giuffre, that they did not want any black girls for their sex massages. The claim was included in a 2011 taped conversation between Giuffre and her lawyers.

The transcript of the three-way phone call was released on August 3 despite a slew of newly-unsealed court documents from Giuffre's lawsuit against Maxwell in 2015. This is after a failed attempt by Maxwell to keep the files secret.

The transcript revealed Giuffre talking to her lawyer Brad Edwards and another attorney, Jack Scarola. She detailed her allegations of how both Epstein and Maxwell ordered her to recruit other underage girls to "sell" to powerful and rich men.

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In the 2011 conversation, Atty. Scarola asked Giuffre about the instructions that Epstein and Maxwell gave her and what she should look for, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Giuffre said that Epstein and Maxwell told her to look for young, pretty underage girls with "a fun personality" and they should not be black. If they are not white, then they had to be "exotically beautiful."

Giuffre was asked who gave her the criteria on how to recruit a new victim, she said that both Epstein and Maxwell have her the instructions.

Epstein paid her for every new underage girl she recruits, and the same goes for other victims. Aside from talking about how she recruited other underage girls, Giuffre also talked to her attorneys about how the billionaire pedophile lured her into his home. She talked about the disturbing first sexual encounter that she had with Maxwell and Epstein in his Florida mansion.

Giuffre said that after her sexual encounter with both Maxwell and Epstein, she recruited her and she worked at the Mar-a-Lago club owned by President Donald Trump, as reported by The Sun.

Giuffre's encounter

Giuffre said that when she was introduced to Epstein, he was already laying naked on top of the massage table. She was only 15 years old when she was forced to touch Epstein, massage him, and to engage in sexual acts.

The former sex slave said that after 40 minutes, Epstein rolled over and exposed himself. Maxwell then told her to take her Mar-a-Lago uniform off. Maxwell also stripped naked.

Giuffre said Epstein instructed her on what to do and ordered her to give him oral sex while he fondled her. Maxwell then watched and instructed her to get on top and straddle Jeffrey.

The victim told her lawyers that she was passed around to eight of Epstein's male friends. In the 2011 phone call, Giuffre refused to name the eight men.

Now, she claimed that her former "clients" included Next Top Model scout Jean-Luc Brunel, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz who also served as Epstein's lawyer, and UK's Prince Andrew.

All three of the men that Giuffre had named denied that they knew her and has sexual intercourse with her. They also denied they had sexual relationships with underage girls, as reported by Mirror UK.

Giuffre also claimed that there were celebrities who traveled on Epstein on his private jet. Some of the celebrities include model Naomi Campbell, Simpsons cartoon creator Matt Groening, model Heidi Klum, explorer Jack Cousteau, former vice president Al Gore, and former president Bill Clinton.

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