Coventry, ENG - A shocking video showing hundreds of students climbing on top of ping pong tables while raving at the accommodation block of Coventry University, Tuesday night, surfaced online.

According to some reports, not less than 200 students were also present and crammed into a common room at Arundel House which is near the main campus of Coventry University, not observing and following the rule of sic and the social distancing guidelines.

A number of revelers can be heard screaming in the background as several male students were seen clambering on a ping pong table while singing along to the ravaging music, Daily Mail reported.

The area where the party was just a two-minute walk from campus which is also near to the town center.

Coventry University's spokesman stated that while they are handling the 5 confirmed cases of COVID-19, they are also aware of the recent incident which involved their students, breaching the code of conduct imposed by the university and they mentioned that they will make sure that those students will be facing disciplinary proceedings.

Despite the havoc caused by COVID-19 in numerous universities around England, the footage that emerged was viewed as very alarming by many.

Based on the latest numbers, more than 4,000 students across Britain have been placed under self-isolation for a fortnight. This is after more than 500 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in at least 32 universities, although it is understood there is no lockdown in place at Coventry.

The latest University to institute a soft lockdown on students is the University of Exeter wherein they asked the students not to socialized even in other people's residences and only limit their interactions to the people within their household.

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Recent reports show that majority of the confirmed cases in Exeter were linked and traced back to the University, over the last week.

Moreover, 1,700 students are also under lockdown at the MMU or the Manchester Metropolitan University, Cambridge Halls, and campuses of Birley.

According to Metro, for the next 14 days, all lectures, seminars, and classes for first-year students at the University will be done virtually via online classrooms.

On the other hand, Gavin Williamson confirmed that students from the University will have to cut their term and will do self-isolation for a fortnight in order to be allowed home for Christmas.

The government is currently being criticized for its handling of the pandemic, as it already spread to university campuses, even freshers around the country are being locked down inside the colleges' halls and advised to just isolate with those who are they living with.

Because of the ongoing safety measures, students are just posting on their social media accounts, photos of their schoolmates putting up signs on the windows of their accommodation blocks which was shared widely on social media platforms, while other students are begging for help with supplies and foods.

Some of the students even tried to get shopping delivery which only shows that some are already running out of food and some parents are turning up to the halls with bags of groceries for their children.

On the other hand, some parents are furious and demanding to get reimbursement for the tuition fees that they have paid because of the current situation of their kids.

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