Known for playing genius physicist Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory", Jim Parsons has revealed that he has caught the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) back in March and opened up on his experience during his battle against the disease.

During the episode of "The Tonight Show" on Monday, the Parsons shared that his husband Todd Spiewak and himself caught the virus very early in the pandemic.

Speaking to the show's host Jimmy Fallon through a video call, Parsons said that they initially didn't know that they already have caught the virus, thinking it was just common colds. However, they began to notice that it was something else since they have completely lost their sense of taste and smell, NY Daily News reported.

Moreover, Parsons also explained that losing his sense of taste defied the description of the symptoms for him as it was not as he was expecting. He stated that he was not aware that the said senses can be completely gone, expressing how 'brutal' it was since there is nothing else to do while in quarantine but eat.

Since they have recovered from the virus, the couple has explored several creative outlets such as painting and writing during the quarantine period because acting opportunities are very few.

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How Would Sheldon Cooper Handle the Pandemic?

Moreover, Parsons also stated how he believed his iconic character from "The Big Bang Theory", Sheldon Cooper would have handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Sheldon is known not only as a very smart scientist but also as a big germophobe.

In his statement, Parsons joked how Sheldon was built to face the pandemic. He stated that this is the moment that Sheldon has been preparing for, reminiscing one of the episodes when the theoretical physicist decided to live as a virtual presence, 'Shel-bot' because of his fear of dying early or catching an infectious disease, People reported.

He also noted that Sheldon would likely survive the pandemic since he hates people touching him, and would not let anyone who has signs of an infection sit with him.

Parsons also shared his experience attending the first-ever virtual Emmy awards. Describing it as really odd since it all happened through Zoom. Parsons was nominated for his role on Ryan Murphy and Netflix's "Hollywood" as a supporting actor. The award was given to Yahya Abdul-Mateen II for his work on "Watchmen."

According to the TBBT star, the strangest part of being in the virtual awards night was that before the category where one is nominated is announced, they were all placed in one virtual waiting room where they were able to chat and bond with their fellow nominees.

When the winner was called, he stated that the group was very happy and celebrated the win. However, he added that it was very weird since, after the acceptance speech of the winner, everybody would literally just leave the virtual meeting.

Parsons' next project would be in the Netflix remake of "The Boys in the Band" where he stars with Matt Bomer and Zachary Quinto. The remake would be streaming on Netflix on Wednesday.

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