Prince Harry has reportedly joined a Californian helicopter club in order to keep his license in date and ride with wife Meghan Markle and their 16-month-old son Archie as adventure trips.

The Duke of Sussex, who recently turned 36 years old, had qualified for an Apache helicopter commander as he served in the British Army in 2013. He left the military less than a year afterward.

The helicopter membership is close to Santa Barbara, California. One advantage of becoming a member of the helicopter membership, Prince Harry could be capable of replacing his license and ensure that it is renewed.

The duke left the British Army following his graduation to focus on charity projects. According to a royal source, he is proud of the basic and Apache license he worked hard to acquire. "He's hardly likely to be recalled for military service in England again but he wants to keep the hours up for personal use, so he and Meghan can just take off for expeditions if they want to. Having your own licence gives you that freedom," reported Yahoo News.

The insider noted that the prince joined a local flying club in order to maintain the currency of his helicopter license.

"You know you have to do a number of hours per year otherwise your license won't be renewed, and that applies in the US as much as it does in the UK," the source added, reported MSN.

Prince Charles Flew the Queen's Helicopter to Cambridge

In contrast to the good news of Prince Harry's helicopter club membership, his father, Prince Charles, was criticized earlier this year for riding the Queen's private helicopter to Cambridge. He went to teach students about climate change and diminishing carbon emissions. British tabloids indicated that his 125-mile jaunt produced 2.5 tons of carbon emissions.

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Planned to Visit the UK

Despite Prince Harry along with Markle deciding to renounce their membership as senior working members of the royal family earlier, he affirmed that he would have already returned to visit the United Kingdom if it was not for the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said to staff and volunteers from the Rugby Football League on a video call, "We've got a whole Rugby League world cup coming next year. I definitely plan on coming back." He added that he would have returned already had it not been for the global health crisis, reported Today.

Does Prince Harry Own a Private Helicopter?

It was not made known whether Prince Harry owns a private helicopter. But according to the source, there will be numerous rich benefactors who would be willing to lend him their helicopters as they would love to be associated with a royal.

Serving the Army Air Corps

During the prince's time in the Army Air Corps, he was designated to 662 Squadron, 3 Regiment inside 16 Air Assault Brigade. He garnered a prize for the best co-pilot gunner when he first became eligible as an Apache pilot in February 2012.

Now, Prince Harry's helicopter club membership is for the purpose of personal use.

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