The first thing to consider when you're thinking of having your first pet or any pet for that matter is that you are ready to give your love and effort and accept responsibility altogether.

The bond between a person and their pet is genuinely enchanting because of the loyalty, devotion, and companionship. Owning a pet requires a lot of care and responsibility.

If you feel that you're ready and have accepted all the responsibilities that lie ahead for owning a pet, here is a list of the pets you can have if you've never owned a companion before.


Birds are low maintenance pets; therefore, they are a perfect companion for beginners. There are numerous types of birds to choose from that you can pick from.

The best thing about a particular kind of bird is that similar to dogs; they can learn multiple tricks but also don't require too much attention.

(Photo : Pexels / Oli Sumit)


Fishes are perfect for those who have limited free time and space. These animals are relatively inexpensive to take care of because you only have to clean their tanks and give them food.

Another good trait for beginners is that fishes don't need much effort. One benefit is that watching fishes is known to be beneficial because of their calming effect and how it reduces anxiety.

(Photo : Unsplash / Ahmed Zayan)

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs have an expressive personality. You will be able to tell if your piglet is happy, mad, excited, or sad when you get to know it well.

Guinea pigs prefer large spaces to run around in and be safe from predators. But these cute little pigs can fall into depression if they are lonely; they need their companions in life, so make sure you give them a partner to spend their days with.

Guinea Pig
(Photo : Unsplash / Jack Catalano)

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Leopard Geckos

This particular type of lizard is docile and can be the perfect choice for children to be their first pets. Young kids can easily handle geckos because of their small bodies and relatively lightweight.

The life span of Leopard Geckos is around twenty years, meaning you and your children will be able to spend several years of companionship with these animals.

Leopard Gecko
(Photo : Unsplash / Andy Holmes)

Sea Monkey

Sea Monkeys are suitable for children who want to have a pet but are still naive about what owning an animal entails.

These creatures don't need much effort and attention as long as they are fed every five to seven days, and they don't require much maintenance.

You can buy a pack of these Sea Monkeys online or at your local supermarket. Sea Monkeys are a hybrid species of shrimps that live for about two years.

(Photo : Unsplash / Liam Briese)


Not everybody wants to have snakes as their pet, especially for their first, but these reptiles are one of the best easy-to-care-for animals own.

Most species of snakes are docile and don't grow very large compared to those gigantic animals seen in several scary movies. There are numerous snake species that are a good match for beginners; the most famous is the corn snake, rosy boa, California kingsnake, and ball python.

(Photo : Unsplash / Tamara Gore)


Turtles can be indoor or outdoor pets as long as they get the right temperature they need, water to drink, and basking areas.

These animals are also low maintenance pets to keep. Turtles can be fed four to five days every week, and most of their diet consists of insects, greens, fish, and fruits. And they can live up to 30 years.

(Photo : Pixabay / Yavanessa)

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