The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a country in the Pacific Ocean consisting of 1,200 islands in eastern Micronesia. It is a beautiful tropical country that has a fresh and beachy atmosphere.

The region has two archipelagic chains and numerous atolls. Because of the nuclear explosion during World War II, a positive impact on the islands' promising historic geographic location has arisen.

The Marshall Islands is known for its diverse marine life and diving opportunities. Here is a beginner's guide for those who want to travel to and around the Marshall Islands, which is the equator's nearest country.


You need to research to know the best spots, activities, cuisines, and people to interact with at the Marshall Islands and all that it offers. Researching can also help to make your itinerary plan a lot smoother and simpler.

A few common Marshallese words can be helpful for your trip, such as "kommol," which means thank you and "iakwe" which means hello, goodbye, and love, but the literal translation of this word is "you are a rainbow" which might be the most beautiful greeting in the world.

Book that Flight

Once all the plans are set, pack your bags and book that nearest flight to go to the Marshall Islands and have a taste of the rainbow. Escape from the stressful city life and fly several hours into one of the world's least-visited countries and enjoy some time for yourself.

Experience the Marshall Islands

This country undoubtedly has fascinating diving spots. Get your itinerary and start your adventure to stunning and beautiful places. Tourist spots include the Arno Toll which combines 153 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Then there's Kalalin Pass, one of the best diving spots in the world.

If you want to go fishing, the Marshall Islands got you covered as the steeps of coral walls it houses can be home to several aquatic species where your fishing experience will be bounty. There are more islands to explore and discover that will surely capture your heart.

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Local Cuisine

There are numerous restaurants around but skip those and experience local cuisine. The open-air market near the Marshall Islands Resort sells the traditional Marshallese foods like balls of sticky rice, mashed taro, fresh pandanus, fermented breadfruit paste, fire-roasted breadfruit, and bwiro.

To add to that, the local women in the open-air market also sell homemade cuisines and will only cost you about $3. After a fantastic and cheap meal, crack a coconut, like how locals do it and dig in.

Early Bird

This tip may apply to every trip you will plan. Always be an early bird when travelling because most locals and the islands in the area are most active during the mornings. Enjoy an early walk by the shore outside your resort or get a chance to talk to and bond with the locals.

No concept of Time

Be prepared for an extended vacation if you are planning to visit the Marshall Islands not only because of the flight being pushed back due to diverted medical emergencies or ground repair of the aircraft but also because time seems to be a loose concept in the region. Once a Marshallese invites you to their party, expect that it will be a couple of hours later than their said time.

Reports say that because of climate change, the sea level will rise between ten to 38 inches by 2100, and scientists consider that a word for caution. Locals might be forced to leave their homeland. Go and explore the Marshal Islands and help their culture live-on.

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