Apple's design teams have crafted a custom Apple Face Mask with a unique look for the tech company's employees. The Apple face mask's unique look could be ascribed to its large nose and chin coverage.


The tech company is starting to distribute to the custom-made face mask to corporate and retail employees to mitigate the prevalence of COVID-19.

Created by Workers Who Worked on iPhones and iPads

The Apple Face Mask is the initial created in-house face mask by the Cupertino, California-technology giant company. It was designed by the same crews that worked on Apple's prominent iPhones and iPads.


The mask has three layers created to strain incoming and outgoing particles and could be washed and re-worn for a maximum of five times. The adjustable face mask also has big coverings on the top and bottom for the nose and chin.

The majority of Apple's employees wear masks in their work shifts as a preventive measure against the novel coronavirus which prompted Apple to create its own mask.

ClearMask and Apple Face Mask

The tech giant is providing two face masks for each employee. The first mask is named "ClearMask" and has been sourced from other companies while the second mask is named "Apple Face Mask" crafted by Apple's Engineering and Industrial Design teams, reported Fact News.

Apple is slated to ship the new face masks to their corporate and retail employees in the upcoming days.


The extra covering layer on the top and the bottom of the Apple Face Mask means possibly better insulation near the chin and nose, reported CNN-News18.

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Earlier, Apple made a different face shield for health care workers and distributed millions of other masks throughout their sector.

The tech giant confirmed the reports and stated that it conducted meticulous research and testing to discover the right materials for proper air filtering while not interrupting the medical personal protective equipment's supply.

ClearMask's Advantage for People With Hearing Difficulties

The ClearMask is the first wholly clear surgical mask that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It will enable people who are deaf or have difficulty listening to lipread the other person courtesy of its transparency.

Currently, Apple store employees use regular issue masks but will start to receive the Apple Face Mask in the upcoming weeks.

Customers who visit store branches of Apple will remain to receive standard surgical masks. Apple necessitates them to get their temperature taken upon arrival.

Apple was in collaboration with Gallaudet University in Washington which specializes in educating deaf and students with the difficulty of hearing to select which clear mask to use. The tech company tested it with employees in three of their stores. Apple is also exploring its own transparent mask selections.

Apple had earlier provided its workers with regular cloth masks.

Apple Face Mask's Appearance

The Apple Face Mask is a white mask with a triangle shape on top. It sits conveniently on the nose and has a rounded bottom for the person wearing's chin.

According to Apple, "The new Apple Face Mask is light, comfortable, and effective at keeping you and others safe," reported Mashable SE Asia.

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