An alleged phone malfunction has led Raevon Terrell Parker from Missouri to call it quits with the globe's largest technology company through suing them for a hefty $1 trillion -- their estimated web value.

According to Forbes, he would become the richest man across the world, with Amazon's Jeff Bezos behind by almost $850 billion.

Thirty-nine-year-old Parker stated that in 2018, his iPhone was thieved after he had his system for repairs, according to News Raiser.

Claimed by Parker, "The worker on the Apple Retailer repaired the system, however saved it by deceiving the plaintiff understanding that it was the primary telephone to have new options," in a declaration issued to the US District Courtroom in East Missouri on the 1st of June.

The 39-year-old stated a number of missing smart settings, along with the circumventing feature of startup screen options.

In a separate March 2019 lawsuit, previous filings depict those other issues that the complainant had with the fixing.

His gadget was reportedly interchanged with an older device in a factory setting. He also had to set up passwords all over again and download applications.

The employees then fixed his phone, but the most latest June filings indicated that they "kept it by deceiving the plaintiff knowing that it was the first phone to have new features, reported The Sun.

Also, he claimed that one Genius Bar employee touted him as "crazy" during their engagement, per his latest statement. Meanwhile, the tech experts at Mashable stated, "Parker had installed a version of iOS that was not yet intended for the public and that in repairing the iPhone, the Apple employee had removed that version."

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The aforementioned spiffy settings consisted of the capacity to alleviate firm start-up display choices.

The scenario is not the first time the displeased iPhone fan's attempted to file a lawsuit against the tech large.

He sued the tech company last year for $2 trillion over the same dilemma. He had a long list of compensation queries, such as $1 trillion each for the iPhone 7 and its iOS 12.

The claimed materials are valued at $2 trillion with an added amount of $900 for the phone's rental by Apple.

No person has successfully contacted Parker for commentary because his public phone number is not working anymore.

In June 2019, in a complaint in state court, it was affixed to his latest documents that he should be reimbursed for the finding of the Group FaceTime feature.

Parker things such features helped the tech giant in the development of iOS12 that he asserted that he should have been reimbursed over in the lawsuit dated March 28, 2019.

He identified his psychological health as "priceless."

Parker demanded $1 trillion from Apple "due to hospitalizations, travel, distress, humiliation, embarrassment, (and) defamation of character."

All of the lawsuits mentioned have thus far been denounced.

The complainant claimed, "I don't think that the plaintiff can be compensated for being labeled crazy." It was not made clear who identified him as this.

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