Every individual wants to improve their lifestyle, but most of us are not willing to take on efforts to achieve it. It is falsely believed that making small changes translates to less "me time" while for others, it restrains their "happening" life. The dream and longing remain, however, it becomes nothing more than wishful thinking.

Such little adjustments will help you lead a healthy lifestyle for decades.

1. Work out in the morning

You may feel a sense of accomplishment if you have developed the habit of working out after work instead of merely collapsing on your bed. However, according to pulmonary and critical care physician, Cedric Rutland, MD, morning workouts are better for 30-somethings. "Sure, getting up is no fun, but it's proven scientifically that working out in the A.M. increases your energy level throughout the day, along with improving your mood and the feeling of accomplishment before you arrive to work."

2. Read daily

Reading is escapism to a different place beyond your mind which can be calming. It also keeps you sharp and helps stimulate brain activity.

Reading daily could help you distance yourself from problems for a little while and widens your problem-solving skills and perspective.

3. Declutter your desktop

When your environment is in chaos, it could be difficult to focus, reported Develop Good Habits.

Clear your work area for the first five minutes of your workday. This will mentally condition you for a clear and more productive mind.

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4. Have a strong self-image

It is occasionally difficult to perceive that we are deserving of success. You may be unaware but your self-image is the core to your habits and personality, reported by a Quora user.

Expanding your self-image will expand your possibilities.

5. Morning Pages

This practice acquired from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron are three pages of longhand writing of your stream of consciousness done first thing in the morning, reported Glitter Guide.

There is no right or wrong way to do Morning Pages as they are not high art or formal writing. Anything and everything that crosses your mind could be written meant for your eyes only.

6. Drink enough water

Our bodies are made up of 70 percent water. Dehydration could drain energy levels, make you feel hunger pangs, and slow down metabolism.

A little tip is grabbing a 32-ounce water bottle and fill it up twice a day to be good to go.

7. Eat full but eat differently

As binge-watching prevails as a global trend, fast food chains are operating faster than emergency services. These add to binge-eating and less movement.

Avoid junk or processed food that offers zero nutritional value for your body.

8. See the doctor more often

Annual or monthly doctor appointments should be taken seriously.

If you are a woman who is planning on bearing a child in the next few years, ensuring that you are healthy is necessary for family planning.

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