There is no identified vaccine or cure yet for COVID-19, but the public could alleviate the prevalence of this fatal pandemic by altering out daily routines and acting in accordance with imposed safety measures. Thus, the "new normal" lifestyle comes in.

Strict safety precautions advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) are required to be obeyed.

It is also confirmed that infected patients who exhibit asymptotic or minor symptoms transmit the novel coronavirus illness to other people.

The "New Normal" is defined as alterations to our daily routines and trends regarding technology usage. This is especially in terms of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, reported Samitive J Hospitals.

As the danger posed by COVID-19 gradually diminishes, we witness a new normal consisting of vital factors including healthier diets, social adjustments, changing daily lifestyles, familial connections, and tourism revamps.

Our current lifestyles are remarkably changing and might not return, reported "Palo Alto."

A writer from "Palo Alto" presumes that by 2022, a vaccine will be discovered and adequately produced to alleviate people globally from contracting COVID-19.

We must shield ourselves from the invisible enemy as we gradually get our lives back in going to work and adapting to the new normal, reported "Inquirer."

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial to our daily routines and going out donning a mask is particularly required.

Keep yourself healthy and immune from the COVID-19 illness by taking adequate vitamins, working out at least 30 minutes daily, exposing yourself to least 15 minutes of sun every day, and eating healthy foods.

Keep your spirituality in check by praying daily in accordance with your religion.

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We are currently six months into living with the prevalence of COVID-19 and are adapting to the new normal lifestyle.

Life drastically had a 180-degree turn from. A writer from Greatist used to be a bartender who spent the majority of his time in close quarters with other New Yorkers and thrived in a full social calendar. Now, she is a full-time writer seated in a corner of her apartment most days.

New measures have been imposed to cope with daily life, work, shopping, relaxation, and sports.

No one could foretell when COVID-19 will be abolished and what repercussions will be permanent particularly for the economy and jobs.

The advisory to wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds has been reiterated for the nth time. The same goes for maintaining social distancing, avoiding mass gatherings, and staying in closed doors.

Meals eaten outdoors have been reduced, meaning purchasing takeaway meals to be eaten at home or utilizing food delivery services have been the new norm.

Individuals designated to food preparation should adhere to a routine: maintaining personal hygiene, regularly cleaning containers, keeping dishes separate, not opening containers before they arrive at the customer's house, delivering food immediately, and maintaining social distancing between the delivery personnel and the customer.

How much time it will take for the production of the 330 million vaccines required in the United States alone? The globe will continue to thrive in the new normal lifestyle and to be dramatically affected in the case that a vaccine is not developed.

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