For the media and the public eye, Meghan Markle can do nothing right.

The former "Suits" actress was reading an adorable board book to Archie, her son, on his 1st birthday aimed to accumulate funds for a children's charity. Little did she know that this would be an opportunity to criticize her behavior.

The rant comes with the situation that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already retired from royal engagements and relocated to Los Angeles in the US to live a relatively "normal" life.

An adorable video (which was filmed by Prince Harry) was shared by the Duchess of Sussex of her reading the "Duck! Rabbit!" book to her toddler to celebrate the day of his birthday.

Forty-eight-year-old author Emily Griffin of the "Something Borrowed" series fame and a self-proclaimed Anglophile and mother of runners (as she dubbed herself in her Instagram biography) have been called out upon posting interesting content on her Instagram stories.

Giffin, who regularly posts about the British royal family on her Instagram grid and stories wrote on the social media platform to malign Markle for being "unmaternal" and that she was acting the part of being a mother poorly.

The writer was among the numerous netizens who gave their 2 cents on the video. However, she received criticism and sparked fury because of her ill comments towards Prince Harry's wife.

The majority of the responses on the footage remarked how perfect the video was and pointed out the resemblance between Archie and Prince Harry, but a smaller number were negative comments.

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The "All We Ever Want" author posted, "Happy birthday, Archie. Go away, Meghan." She went on her tirade remarking, "Adorable child and book. But .... Holy 'me first."

"Archie is adorable but that video screamed look at me!" wrote Griffin's friend in the text message conversation the writer posted. "It was also sad how she seemed just slightly annoyed Archie wasn't fully cooperating to her standards."

The mother and son bonding footage was shared by Save With Stories, an initiative in cooperation with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry to help out kids whose capacity to learn, as well as to eat, has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Griffin also commented on the Instagram photo with more malignant words towards the Duchess of Sussex and then took a screenshot of the photograph, posting that on her Instagram story. "This is the Meghan show. Why didn't she film and let Harry read...? ... Also, you want privacy for your child so you put out a video (by your authorized biographer) of him ... wearing no pants?! Oooookay..."

Eventually, Griffin made an apology for her posts, explaining on Instagram that she was initially a fan of Prince Harry and Markle and sharing various snaps of her positive reactions towards Markle in the past to support her statement.

She added that she finds it favorable that a biracial, American woman married a royal.

You can find out more about the initiative of the video and donate here.

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