A psychic claimed to receive ghost visits from Princess Diana regularly and has penned to Prince William appealing to save his brother, Prince Harry.

Clairvoyant Simone Simmons reported to the Duke of Cambridge that the late princess was conveying a message from beyond her grave.

Princess Diana was dubbed as the "People's Princess," and there has not anybody who can replace her presence since her tragic death in 1997.

Princess Diana first met her favorite psychic back in 1993 at The Hale Clinic, an alternative medicine center located in West London. The pair reportedly had a close friendship.

According to Simmons, the People's Princess fears that her younger son is experiencing disaster following his and Meghan Markle's resolve to renounce their membership in the British royal family in January this 2020.

The letter addressed to Prince William indicated, "Diana made me promise to keep an eye on both you and Harry to make sure you're both OK, and to give you warnings of danger signs."

Simmons, who narrated that she would speak to Princess Di for up to 14 hours through the phone when she was alive, said: "It's going from bad to worse."

"Harry's been separated from everything he loves - his family and his friends, including the Army boys he loved."

She appealed to the Duke of Cambridge to listen because Markle would isolate Harry and ultimately push him to take radical, possibly very unfavorable, self-defeating decisions.

She added that if he would like to answer, he should not be dubious and they need to save Prince Harry.

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The healer said the late princess makes regular ghost appearances at her home in London.

"Diana comes and talks to me -- I see her body and she's very animated at times. I got so fed up of it all I wrote to William, but he hasn't responded," Simmons explained.

Simmons also actually told Princess Diana of a premonition that an incident was bound to transpire that would eventually be her death ­prior to her car crash in Paris.

A stunning claim from her was that "Diana told me it was all going to end in disaster."

The Princess of Wales confided in her that Prince Harry is growing to be more and more isolated and it is a torturing experience for him.

The psychic described that Prince Harry was separated from things he loves -- his family and his friends, alongside the Army boys he loved.

Also, she predicted that the Duchess of Sussex was pregnant with the former royal couple's son Archie before the news was formally declared.

The claims were said to possibly infuriate Prince Harry who is very guarded regarding his relationship with his late mother.

Simmons insisted that she was so terrified she instead wrote to his brother, Prince William.

She added that she was previously told that Prince Harry and Prince William declined to engage in correspondence with their mother's friends because they had advised that they could not be trusted.

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