Brad Pitt is pulling his design skills to impress Jennifer Aniston, with whom he is allegedly "giving it a second go," according to this week's article published in Woman's Day.

According to a source, it has been Pitt's long-term dream to build a lake house in the Ozarks near his parents' house in Springfield, but unfortunately, his former wife Angelina Jolie prefers not to be close to Pitt's family and hates the Midwest.

News of the love nest is amid rumors that Pitt and Aniston have gotten back together.

The insider added that unlike Jolie, the "Friends" actress has always been close to Pitt's family and loves Missouri so to have a love nest built in the place is a wonderful idea. "It's all the encouragement Brad needs to start breaking ground."

"He's going through a period of change at the moment updating his LA and Santa Barbara places while he's at it."

The pair are known to have a good eye for good architecture.

The source added that Jolie is likely to "spit venom" when she finds out what the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor is up to as she is struggling with their kids.

The "Maleficent" actress reportedly thinks that if he has money to spare, it should be allocated to their 6 children. The former stars of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" are still fighting over their children's custody.

When they were married, Pitt and Aniston used to live in the lap of luxury in Malibu.

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The A-list actor, 56, is looking at a series of real estate buys in both California and his home state Missouri. The source added that Pitt is also updating his Santa Barbara and Los Angeles homes.

However, all of this information has been debunked.

Contrary to what the outlet has recently published in its latest issue, Pitt is not building a love nest for Aniston in his home state.

The publication Gossip Cop investigated and found the news to be complete nonsense.

They reached out to a close figure to Pitt, who asserted that the actor is not building a lake house in Missouri for Aniston, dismissing it as "totally false." The close figure added that there is no reason for Pitt to build a new house for Aniston since they are not in a relationship and they are not even dating.

The article about building is accompanied by a series of photos of Pitt doing construction which are apparent to be taken as evidence of the actor's alleged home renovating work. They were taken from his guesting on "Celebrity IOU," a new HGTV show courtesy of the "Property Brothers."

Gossip Cop also pointed out that it is unlikely for Jolie to be angry at Pitt and Aniston's plan in case it was true. Jolie and her former husband have been divorced since 2016 and are living independent lives.

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