China is at it again as heightened cyber-attacks and attempts to steal coronavirus research has been reported by several United States government agencies.

China is attempting to compromise the US response as another of many deplorable moves by nation-states and criminal groups. This comes as data about the coronavirus is crucial for the US to combat the virus on US soil, led by the Trump administration.

The Trump Administration is citing China's possible action as undermining coronavirus research by trying to pilfer it, thru electronic means that has been reported by US government agencies. Giving the impression that entities are actively attacking the US through cyber-space.

Most of those who were attacked by suspected hackers from China and other vested interests' groups are hospitals, research laboratories, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies which have all been hit. All of these are key to US efforts in the coronavirus crisis, the US Department of Health and Human Services - which oversees the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, officials said.

Who are those responsible for the cyber-attacks?

 An official said that China and Russia are the most logical entities that were responsible for the cyber assaults on the US Department of Health and Human Services. According to officials:

"After some hesitance to attribute the wide-ranging attacks across the medical sector to any specific countries - whether for political reasons or a lack of certainty - top national security officials have decided to single out China."

A confirmation of the US Department of Justice says that they are very concerned about attempts to steal information, via Chinese hackers who are intent on purloining information that were lacking from their system. All these US hospitals and labs that are repelling active attempt getting coronavirus information through all means, led by the mainland government.

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"They are trying to steal everything"

The Trump administration is pointing the finger at China for attempting to steal coronavirus research, as officials are warning they have seen a growing wave of cyber-attacks on US government agencies and medical institutions leading the pandemic response by nation-states and criminal groups.

Hospitals, research laboratories, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies have all been hit, officials say; and the US Department of Health and Human Services - which oversees the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - has been struck by a surge of daily strikes, an official with direct knowledge of the attacks said.

According to John Demers, the head of the Justice Department's National Security Division, "We are very attuned to increased cyber intrusions into medical centers, research centers, universities, anybody that is researching this area." When asked about Chinese economic espionage.

Demers added, "There is nothing more valuable today than biomedical research relating to vaccines for treatments for the coronavirus."

It means a lot to China to purloin any source of information, to create vaccine as leverage to other countries. As the US and other nations attempt to find a vaccine to cure the coronavirus.

Ohad Zaidenberg, one of the co-founders of Cyber Threat Intelligence League, a global group of more than 1,400 vetted cybersecurity experts, is working to nullify cyber thieves like Chinese Mainland hackers. Zaidenberg said, "They are trying to steal everything."

As heightened cyber-attack by China to purloin and steal rightful coronavirus research from the Trump Administration is fiercer, shows how China operates even in cyber-space.

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