After Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 release had been successful, another powerhouse 2 in 1 tablet is set for its stage once again. Rivaled with iPad Pro’s, Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 5 is said to compete with Apple’s rumored iPad Pro 2.

According to PC Advisor, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 would sport a sleek aluminum body. A 2K display and a 4K display would be offered as well. The Pro 5 is then further mentioned to have 16GB of RAM 512 GB ROM under the hood.

What’s more is that Microsoft would integrate a wireless and rechargeable pen for its Surface Pro 5 instead of Pro 4’s nonrechargeable pen. It would then still be the usual magnetically attachable Surface pen just a rechargeable version. A compact version of Surface Dial is also rumored to be sported by the Pro 5.

Furthermore, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is said to run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 instead of Intel’s Kaby Lake chips to safe battery life and enhanced LTE connectivity. Yet, it was speculated that a Pro 5 would go with Kaby Lake and the non-Pro version with the ARM chip.

On the contrary, Apple’s iPad Pro 2 specs were mentioned to be a 10.5-inch screen bezel-less tablet with no home screen button per MacWorld. It was also stated that the iPad Pro 2 would be donned with an A10X processor and have up to 6GB of RAM. Yet, it was also mentioned that Apple’s tablet would improve its Apple Pencil in a way like Microsoft Surface Pro models. In which it would be a magnetically attached pencil as well. Other rumors also had mentioned that the Pencil might be rechargeable as well.

Regarding a release date, it was said that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 was expected to be announced last MWC 2017. Yet, with the Windows 10 update known as Creator’s Update, the release of the new gen tablet is said to be further pushed back after April. Hence, other speculations for its release is Oct. this year since its Surface Pro 4 was released previously back in 2015.