It seems that Microsoft is gaining momentum in the laptop market race. The Redmond-based tech giant is creeping up on dissatisfied Mac owners and potential buyers.

The MacBook Pro is supposed to reinforce Apple's dominance in the handy laptop sphere. However, one feature of the new product has been unfavorably received.

Among the components integrated by the Cupertino-based firm into the Pro include the OLED bar, the touch ID sensor and the Iris Pro GPU from Intel. As it turns out, many users want nothing to do with the touch bar.

This displeasure has been further aggravated by the price which many conceived as too expensive. With that said, Apple fans are looking for a replacement.

With its reasonable worth, the Microsoft Surface is in the market to provide professionals a piece of computer technology that is convenient to use. People wants flexibility on their laptops and with the Pro reportedly restricting some functions somewhat, it is difficult not to find an alternative.

Apart from the rate and the polarizing touch capability, another factor that is troubling to the MacBook is its power capacity. It has been observed that the batteries of the 13-inch and 15-inch Apple models cannot sustain prolonged usage.

Microsoft has capitalized on Apple's recent woes with the launching of a trade-in program for MacBooks. With this in mind, the switch has become inevitable.

Although the soaring sales of the Surface unit has leaned more on the promotional drumming of its manufacturing firm, what actually becomes a deal breaker is the cost of the MacBook Pro.

Apple continues to be an elite presence when it comes to producing efficient products. However, the expensive impact of its prices is providing enough ammunition for rival Microsoft to boost its market presence.

Considering that no official comparative figures have been released yet, it is likely that the competition has been driven based on perceived observations of users and potential buyers.

According to Microsoft, it is coming off its best month in terms of Surface sales. With Apple also pointing out that its preorders have overwhelmed its past pro notebooks, the battle between the two tech giants will likely lean heavily on perspective.