Thursday, September 24, 2020 Headlines & Global News


Ellen DeGeneres

'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Season 18 Premiere Records Show's Highest Rating, Ex-Employees Not Happy with Apology

Sep 23, 2020 10:54 PM EDT

Ellen DeGeneres' fall from grace this year is not easy to forget, after she was accused of being a bully and allowing a toxic work environment. But now she is back and is hoping to be given another chance.

India and Australia Will Have a 2-Day Naval Exercise in the Indian Ocean

India and Australia Will Have a 2-Day Naval Exercise in the Indian Ocean

Sep 23, 2020 09:59 PM EDT

India and Australia will be holding a huge joint naval exercise that is indicative of their stances against Chinese activities from the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea. The provocative action of the PLA has galvanized nations in the Indo-Pacific region to operate with each other.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton's 'Secret Diary' Reveals Her Hatred Towards Meghan Markle, Tabloid Claims

Sep 23, 2020 09:15 PM EDT

The feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is still ongoing, and according to a tabloid the hate that Middleton has for Markle is deep. Is it true or just an elaborate hoax?

Creek Fire Grows Rapidly Near Shaver Lake, California

Fact Check: Did a Spy from China Start Fire in the US Using a Drone?

Sep 23, 2020 09:13 PM EDT

A video circulating in social media purported that a spy from China ignited a fire in the US causing one of the wildfires in the West Coast using a drone. Find out the Truth.

Roger Stone

Fact Check: Did Roger Stone Say Trump Should Declare Martial Law If He Loses Election?

Sep 23, 2020 09:12 PM EDT

News are circulating online that Roger Stone, Trump's strategist, suggested that President Trump should declare martial law if he loses. Stone also suggested the arrest of those who will commit voter fraud.

WE Day UK 2019 - London

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Break Royal Protocol After Persuading Americans to Vote

Sep 23, 2020 09:12 PM EDT

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle urged American citizens to register to vote in the November 3rd presidential election. Royal family members are expected to remain strictly neutral with regard to politics.

The Rise and Fall of Bitcoins, and Why the Fall Is Great

The Rise and Fall of Bitcoins, and Why the Fall Is Great

Sep 23, 2020 04:31 PM EDT

It is rare to find something out in the world as sensational and exciting as cryptocurrencies - Bitcoins. It was developed and launched with a revolutionary aim, an innovation from the future.

Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff Helps Raise Over $80,000 for Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

Sep 23, 2020 03:19 PM EDT

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected a lot of sectors, including animal shelters. The Southampton Animal Shelter has launched a fundraiser and a program to help keep more than 800 homeless animals safe.

Tinder Date Slain with Knife, and Corpse Separated in 11 pieces, Stuffed in Carrying Cases

Couple Nabbed for Premeditated Murder of Tinder Date, Hiding His Chopped Body in Carrying Cases

Sep 23, 2020 03:18 PM EDT

Indonesian couple killed a tinder date in a rental home. The body was sawed in pieces for easy disposal of the evidence.

Japan Impose Restrictions As Coronavirus Cases Rise

How Could COVID-19 Affect Global Road Deaths?

Sep 23, 2020 02:59 PM EDT

An digital table from traverses 2018 road mortality rates across the globe. This is to hypothesize the total of lives that could be saved with lockdown measures to alleviate COVID-19 road deaths.


Mother Finds Photos of Her Baby Daughter in Pedophile Website, Leads Movement to Shut Down Site

Sep 23, 2020 02:59 PM EDT

After posting cute photos of her baby daughter online, Amanda Morgan did not know that it would greatly affect their lives. She later found out that pedophiles have uploaded her daughter’s pictures on a website to be preyed upon.

Social Networking Sites May Be Monitored By Security Services

Netflix's 'The Social Dilemma' Review: Just How Dangerous Is Social Media?

Sep 23, 2020 01:36 PM EDT

Netflix's "The Social Dilemma" takes a grim look at social media. Here is our review of the documentary addressing social issues.

Tips and tricks to impress your interviewer

5 Critical Tips and Tricks to Impress Your Interviewer and Land Your Dream Job

Sep 23, 2020 10:52 AM EDT

If you're looking for a job and just got that call saying you were scheduled for an interview, it can be nerve-wracking trying to relax and prepare. Take a look at these simple yet effective tips and tricks on how to impress your interviewer and leave a good impression.

The January Super Blue Blood Moon Is Visible In The UK

Rare Blue Moon to Light Up the Sky on Halloween

Sep 23, 2020 10:43 AM EDT

‘Once in a blue moon’ is a phrase that is quite used connotationally for rare occurrences. In the literal sense it used to describe a phenomenon where one month gets 2 full moons, and a blue moon is approaching on Halloween this year.

Suspect of double homicide in burning car arrested

Double Murder Suspect Arrested After Disguising As Brother and Burning Two Bodies Inside Vehicle

Sep 23, 2020 09:14 AM EDT

Police officers have arrested the suspect to a double homicide who was stopped at border patrol. Dakota Briscoe allegedly shot and killed two of his friends before placing their bodies inside a car and setting it on fire.

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