Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' silent feud reportedly continued this week. According to reports, Harris joined Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, when they visited a soup kitchen in DC to prepare meals for those in need.

The New York Post pointed out that this is Biden and Harris's first public appearance in a week amid reports that there is growing tension between the two at the White House.

However, it was reportedly evident that Biden wasn't happy to be in the same room as his vice president. After all, the POTUS did not make any effort to demonstrate his fondness toward Harris.

The POTUS was also asked what he's most grateful for, and instead of referencing Harris, he wrapped his arm around Dawain Arrington, the chef at DC Central Kitchen. Biden then said that he's grateful for the people that he's standing next to. But even if Harris was standing at Biden's left at the time, he only referenced Arrington in his short speech.

Before they prepared the meals, Jill directed Harris to stand beside the president. But even if they were right beside each other, the vice president only spoke to the first lady.

The publication pointed out that Biden did not look at Harris even once during their outing, which they believe strengthened the ongoing theory that the two leaders are feuding.

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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris tensions started shortly after election

Speculations regarding the state of Biden and Harris's relationship started last week after CNN claimed that the latter's start as vice president is frustrating.

Sources close to Harris claimed that the vice president is feeling more and more isolated inside the White House because she's not getting the same support as the other members of the Biden administration are getting.

A former Harris aide said that the White House tends to defend the men working for Biden even though everyone knows that the vice president has been getting the hit for all the administration's mistakes.

Joe Biden sided with Pete Buttigieg over Kamala Harris

The insider added that one of the reasons Harris distanced herself from Biden was the POTUS seemingly siding with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. The latter was allowed to take paternity leave even during the global supply chain crisis.

Biden was accused of sidelining Harris as a potential liability instead of promoting her as his possible successor in the 2024 election.

As such, Harris has reportedly stopped attending official events where Biden was present. For instance, Harris was sent to New Jersey to promote the POTUS's social spending bill while other officials were in Mexico dealing with the border crisis.

Before this, Biden announced that Harris would lead administration talks with Mexico and Central American countries regarding the migrants crossing the US border. Still, the vice president has not regularly addressed the issue.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris different stand about Kyle Rittenhouse

Last week, Biden and Harris also proved that they did not always agree when they issued conflicting statements following Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal.

Biden urged Americans to respect the court's decision because it's the rule of law, but Harris said that more work needs to be done regarding the criminal justice system in the country, according to Yahoo! News.

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