Moldova has been warned it needs to pay its obligation for gas deliveries to the Russian energy firm Gazprom in 48-hours or the gas tap runs dry. This scenario is terrifying the EU as the bloc might face the same dilemma soon.

The small country is close to the doorstep of Brussels, which is quite alarming with dwindling natural gas supplies. Most of the European Union is dependent on Russia for natural gas, which it does not have, now it's something going against them. In two days, Moldova goes lights out.

Gazprom gives ultimatum

Moldova is not a member of the bloc, which is found in the middle of Ukraine and Romania, and both EU members. Gazprom's spokesman Sergei Kupryanov said the small nation might soon have their energy source cut off due to not paying for gas deliveries last month, reports the Express UK.

The contract was signed by Moldova with the gas firm and even amended the agreement to pipe in more natural gas. An agreement followed a standoff in which Chisinau had called an emergency due to gas shortages, which led to a deal with another gas firm instead of Russia, noted the Moscow Times.

Chișinău's move to circumvent dealing with the Russian energy firm was not taken lightly. The country is not an EU member but what is happening in the Bulkan states is uneasy. Also, Brussel's has called the Kremlin's moves very provocative. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had posted on social media, Europe has new threats.

Everything from a migration crisis, cyberassaults, gas prices uncertainties are the problems caused by a hybridized war; he blames Minsk and its backer, the Kremlin, for the shocking results, cites Euro News. Now its Moldova who should pay its gas deliveries as another aspect of this strange warfare.

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Also, adding it is a try to alter the security order and cause uncertainties. Brussels is now having crisis after crisis, which might break it at the seams.

Furthermore, attention was drawn to the Russia-Ukraine border, and even Moldova was subjected to gas blackmail, hitting the EU at all fronts! Move and do something or face calamity at all turns.

The Polish PM is touring the bloc's member countries to reach a collective action amongst members in times of crisis.

Germany suspends pipeline

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is accused of using natural gas as a weaponized factor against EU member countries. It evolved into an effective geopolitical weapon given due to going green.

Moscow is the supplier of about 40 percent of all the imported gas for the bloc. The Kremlin has been criticized heavily for not adopting green energy, but the decision proves correct as seen now.

Gas on the tap is scarce, and the new pipeline of Putin, the Nord Stream 2, should be able to avoid the EU rules, which are restrictive.

The supposed restrictions would affect the supply of natural gas for the EU instead of allowing prices to shoot up. Next, the member countries were about to enter an energy crisis in the making.

Putin was angered by Germany's choice to stop getting the new pipeline ready to go, and it will be on March 2022 before its operational. To date, natural gas was over €100 (£84) per megawatt-hour last Wednesday.

Gazprom's demand for Moldova to pay up its gas deliveries or have no more natural gas is requested. This scenario has threatened the EU if its gas supply would be the next to be blocked.

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