The European Union accuses Vladimir Putin of shutting gas deliveries and cutting supplies drastically, viewed as a sinister move by energy-hungry nations.

Once again, Russia is accused of making a big move against Europe via gas and non-renewable energy supplies before these demands to increase energy reserves were put down. Even US President Joe Biden felt the crunch when he asked OPEC nations to help increase the supplies.

But Russia and the APEC block it controls snubbed Washington; and said that more gas would be piped in, only until interested parties renegotiated the contracts.

Gas supply in Europe got so bad over the weekend

On Saturday, Gazprom, a state-owned Russian firm that trades natural gas, ceased its supply to Germany via the Yamal pipeline in Poland.

Last Sunday, it got so bad that it sent half of the required supply through Ukraine to Austria, South Germany, reported the Express UK.

As the gas volume is beginning to reach critical levels for German and other European customers, not getting better will make natural gas more expensive.

The comparison portal called 'Check24' remarked that 98 gas supply firms have increased or let customers pay more in the energy crunch with double the price, cited News in 24.

Most of those paying for gas will have a 17.3 percent spike up in price, and this would include 560,000 homes as well.

The gas deliveries were halted in Serbia, which will lead to the stoppage of a gas-fired power plant that provides power for Novi Sad, with 300,000 people living there. It would be chilly with no heating for winter or hot water available. 

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In Sarajevo, the Bosnia capital was forced to stop powerplants because residents used fewer gas supplies partially.

Russia halts gas deliveries as an attack on Europe

Sources point outs the cause as an unknown explosion in Bulgaria, caused by a part of the Balkan Stream segment of Gazprom's older pipelines. Last Tuesday, repairs on the tube were begun.

Due to the explosion, Gazprom's deliveries to Europe via Ukraine had to be only 52 percent of the agreed amounts of the contracts. Before this, the gas firm had increased its supplies to Europe.

The decrease of gas pumped due to the damaged section has caused pressure to lessen on the pipeline system, resulting in an unstable Ukraine pipe section.

Andrij Yermak, the Ukrainian presidential advisor, cautioned about the collapse of the Ukrainian gas network that supplies Europe. The reason the low pressure caused by the explosion noted the Diverse Bulletin.

An expert suggests that because of the critique of Russia's disregard of the COP 26 meeting by certain personalities in the summit. President Putin is flexing to silence their comments over his policies.

Professor Alan Riley, an expert who weighed in, said that Moscow answered to the Green Deal. The Kremlin leader said the change to green could only be done on their terms, no one else. He added that the Kremlin has a plan to export natural gas and coal, and oil. It is proof that the Kremlin is in a better position than ever.

President Putin said that Gazprom is not controlling gas supplies because it follows its contracts, which its clients must abide by.

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