Elections across the United States have either finished or are close to wrapping up, and some of the results of key races are unprecedented, with others going to opposing party members while some have won re-elections.

One of the most notable elections was the Virginia gubernatorial race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe. The projected win of the race was given to the GOP members despite McAuliffe's massive support from the likes of United States President Joe Biden and former U.S. President Barack Obama, Fox News reported.

American Election Results 2021

Youngkin's win makes him the first Republican to become governor in Virginia since the 2009 elections. Additionally, the Republican's achievement puts pressure on Democrats that they could potentially lose the majority of the House and Senate if GOP members continue to win key races in the country.

After more than four decades, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has become the first Democratic governor of the state to win re-election based on projections on Wednesday. On the other hand, it was projected that Democrat Eric Adams will become the New York City mayor while Democrat Michelle Wu will make history to become Boston's new mayor, CNN reported.

Murphy's win comes amid widespread opposition from the rivaling party due to his 264th executive order that requires children aged two and older who are at daycare centers to wear facial coverings. The decision comes six weeks after the Democrat announced that grade-school students in the state were once again mandated to wear masks in schools.

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The issue was the main point of discussion for Murphy's rival in the elections, Republican Jack Ciattarelli, who immediately expressed his disagreement with the executive order. In a fund-raising email sent by Ciattarelli and his running mate, Diane Allen, said that Murphy's order was "unconstitutional, un-American, and has no scientific backing."

The electoral race in New Jersey and Virginia are seen by many as a sign of voter sentiment in the United States. Leonard Lance, a New Jersey Republican who was a former congressman that lost in the 2018 midterms questioned whether or not they were competitive enough, the New York Times reported.

Internet Users React to Elction Results

The continuous results of key races nationwide have garnered various reactions from Twitter users due to how surprising some turnouts have been. While the majority have either congratulated or criticized the projected winners, there have been some posts that have made fun of or ridiculed the results of the elections.

One user posted an image of a drawing showing one protester holding a sign with the words, "Defund the police!" in front of what seems to be a representative for the Democratic National Committee. The latter is shown saying, "The best we can do is a Black ex-cop mayor of NYC."

  The Twitter user, @Doodlesmarkus, made the post after a former police officer, Eric Adams, won the New York mayoral race. On the other hand, another user, @KtecherBx, said that Murphy's win at New Jersey's gubernatorial race spoke a lot about the state of politics in the state.

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