Britney Spears addressed a variety of issues in a Friday Instagram post, confessing to being "afraid" to "make a mistake" as her conservatorship's probable conclusion approaches.

The 39-year-old pop star issued a lengthy statement in which she stated that "there are a lot of things that scare me" about her potential freedom, that she "won't be posting as much" on social media for fear of making a mistake, and even teased that if she ever did an interview, she would go off on her family.

She continued, sharing a photo of her Christmas tree, which was already up and already at her Thousand Oaks home, that she would be enjoying the holidays early because "more joy in life is a wonderful idea."


Singer on possible conservatorship end

Britney Spears' father Jamie was just suspended as her conservator after 13 years, and the judge will decide whether or not to dismiss her conservatorship entirely at a hearing scheduled on November 12.

They proceeded to discuss her father's wrongdoings with her attorney Mathew Rosengart, causing Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny to accept Britney Spears' plea for an immediate suspension.

Rosengart stated that his removal was a "prerequisite" to Britney's "dignity and fundamental rights" being restored immediately.

"If Ms. Spears wishes to terminate the conservatorship and feels she can handle her own life, Mr. Spears believes she should receive that chance," Rosengart had written in Jamie's prior filings, as per Daily Mail.

Britney Spears slammed her family once more in a Friday Instagram post. The pop singer, 39, suggested that she is sitting on a vault of dirty stories about family who stood by while she underwent the harsh circumstances of a 13-year conservatorship in a lengthy post ruminating on her newfound freedom.

"If I ever do an interview, Lord have pity on my family's souls!!!" she said, but she noted that a tell-all isn't presently on her to-do list, Page Six reported.

Britney said in court in June that her family didn't do a thing to help her after she claimed she was put into a mental health institution, forced to take lithium, and forced to have an IUD contraception implanted against her will, all under Jamie's supervision.

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Britney Spears's aunt mocks brother Jamie

Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, has fought for her daughter's freedom in court, although her support came after the #FreeBritney movement began in 2019. In a July 2020 podcast interview, Britney's elder brother, Bryan Spears, termed the conservatorship a "great thing" for his family.

Meanwhile, despite popular fan suspicion, Britney's younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, has stated that she supports the Grammy winner's release from conservatorship.

Britney Spears' aunt, Leigh Ann Spears Wrather, spoke out against her half-brother Jamie Spears' 13-year term as her conservator. In an appearance with Good Morning Britain on Friday, Wrather described Jamie's conduct as "barbaric."

Jamie "caged and manipulated" her niece, she claims, and she believes he should be "held responsible" for his conduct. When questioned about Britney's feelings regarding the conservatorship, Wrather stated that the singer wants out and to be free from Jamie. The singer also revealed her wish to marry and start a family, Fox News reported.

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