An Israeli arms manufacturer unveils an autonomous assault military vehicle that draws comparisons to uncontrollable killer bots in fiction. One of the modern combat trends is automation or robotics in creating weapon platforms that are AI-controlled or remote operator-dependent on the modern battlefield.

The recent exposition of the newest uncrewed ground vehicle is controlled using a tablet, with an option to operate without a human operator via automatic functions.

It is one of the reasons why institutions and organizations are concerned over the proliferation of such weapons, that might be the genie in the bottle. Unlike a human who can discern friend or foe, machines cannot.

Israeli autonomous robotic system

An Israeli weapons firm unveiled a robot equipped with machine guns for offensive or defensive purposes but still lethal to its targets, reported the Daily Star.

The REX MKII, built and developed by the state-owned Aerospace Industries' subsidiary, ELTA Systems, was revealed last Monday in a showroom for defense weaponry. The venue is the Defense and Security System International arms trade show open in London this week.

ELTA has been the maker of several uncrewed military vehicular platforms for 15 years now, and their REX MKII is the top-of-the-line robotic system to date, noted Time.

Since the use of the autonomous assault military robot might result in attacks on civilians, its reliability questioned its usefulness. Many commanders love the military service it offers because it allows fewer fatalities on the ground troops where uncontrollable killer bots can wreak havoc on the enemy.

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If machines or drones can do a significant assault or strike without many casualties, losing over life and death is preferable. The only loss is an expendable machine that Commanders will prefer over the loss of manpower.

Assault bot might be uncontrollable

Classified as a ground robot with a four-wheel-drive (4WD) structure for extra mobility, dual machine guns, cameras, and additional sensors linked to an operator tablet for remote command.

REX is the perfect soldier who can do many tasks, including attacking any target, where intel can be gained, and is a mule for carrying supplies with troops on it. The system does far more and allows troops to avoid getting shot or killed too.

The assault robot can do all those functions and even activate artificial intelligence (AI) functions, with recon and surveillance rolled in too for autonomous use. An operational expert and robotics specialist, Yonni Gedj, said that it has the built-in function of self-learning. It will collect data and use it for future missions if it survives, cited Yahoo.

Addressing fears that their machine will start shooting all targets indiscriminately, and no one is safe, which can't happen. Self-learning is an option told ELTA Systems, and it will not be offered to anyone.

Rani Avni, the chief of autonomous systems, said that REX could be self-sufficient. There is a conflict if the user should have it. Another is whether the system is mature enough as well.

For many, this is the uncontrollable killer bots that may happen as ELTA unleashes its autonomous assault military robot in the market. One question is whether the consequences of the roque AI in the battle can occur.

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