There was an emergency on the International Space Station (ISS) when the 'Zvezda' module raised the alarm just before Russian cosmonauts went out before they were set to work on the Nauku segment of the space station.

Emergency procedures were activated after a suspected fire was detected, which is a hazard in the closed environment of the space station. After the alarm, the crew immediately turned on the system, removing all impurities, not Russian reports. But, no one knows the cause of the problem.

 'Zvezda' module raised the alarmin the ISS

Immediately after the incident, the cosmonauts told their Mission Control Center in Moscow that the module's alarm was caused by a harmful substance that set it off, reported the Express UK.

According to the European Space Agency, astronaut Toma Pesce also detected the burning plastic even in the US part of the space station. This shows the ventilation system is in working order. ISS is home to a multi-national group of astronauts from Russia, the United States, and France. They are members of several space agencies all over the globe, cited J99 News.

Among the astronauts, Peter Dubrov, Oleg Novitsky, are the representatives of Russia in the ISS group. An emergency on the space station, the 'Zvezda' module raised a fire alarm that happened a few hours before the scheduled walk by Dubrov, Novitskiy. They are supposed to start the spacewalk outside the station, which is the second to work on the newer Nauka module.

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Nauka is a newer module that was only recently docked and linked to the rest of the space structure after being sent up on July 21, 2021. It took about eight days to link the ISS. The Russian cosmonauts, Mr. Novitskiy and Mr. Dubrov, need to do about 11 walks in space to finish the newer module's installation.

Last September 3, they went outside the station in the emptiness of space to work about eight hours, install a grabbing point, and get a power connection running outside the module, noted Republic World.

Activities for the work done on the module are for the placement of handrails directly on the outer side of the Russian lab segment. Supposed to assist the cosmonauts when out on the exterior skin of the ISS, another is to get an ethernet link via data cables. Completing the goals of the two spacewalks is not the end of it; more multiple tasks are needed to get Nauka up and running after.

Designation during the operation spacewalk

According to NASA, Novitskiy will be called extravehicular crew member 1 (EV1), donning the Orlan spacesuit with red stripes. Dubrov places as crew member 2 (EV2), wearing the blue stripes.

The activities outside the station will support the space station structure, upgrades, and upkeep, for the 10 and 11 schedule activities outside the ISS in 2021. NASA would have to stream it on NASA TV; now, the spacewalk will not push through.

Russian reports on the ISS say it is getting old with outdated equipment, hardware which will cause more problems as it gets older. The 'Zvezda' module raised a fire alarm, but the main problem has not been detected, which is a concern for Russia as the ISS gets older.

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