One Qatar Airways flight with the help of a U.S. Special Representative got out, as the Taliban allowed 200 foreigners to leave Kabul. This comes as planes were not allowed to leave the airport. One reason is the alleged lack of cooperation from the State Department, which caused a delay in humanitarian rescue.

The trapped flights are causing concern for all nations as many are still in the country.

An earlier rescue by US Rep. Markwayne Mullin and Rep. Ronny Jackson to get a family out, which the US Government abandoned, was reported. They had to escape overland and the dangerous rescue but said the US government only assisted at the last moment, cited the New York Post.

Commercial flight allowed to depart Kabul

Taliban allowed the chartered Qatar Airways flight to leave the fallen capital of Kabul on Thursday, with 200 nationals with 30 Americans who got out luckily, reported the Daily Mail.

This flight from Kabul to Doha was one of the recent escapes when the present administration did not allow an extension of August 31. Reports say the flight got permission to leave the airport after claims of lousy coordination of the US State Department and the Taliban stranding planes in another airport.

Narrow approval of the flight

One top US official asked not to be identified to the media how many were on the plane, and two senior officials allowed the flight to leave. The Taliban enables the foreigners to depart was fortunate for those onboard compared to other flights.

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Those who got out were Americans, green card holders, with nationals from Germany, Hungary, and Canadians left after several days. One of the passengers, Irfan Popalzai, 12, was with his mother and five siblings, where they live in Maryland, who was caught up after the airport was shut.

The information mentioned that U.S. Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad could convince the Talibs to let the flight leave last Thursday, remarked the unknown official. According to the special envoy of Qatar, Mutlaq bin Majed al-Qahtani stated the flight out marked the resumption of commercial flight after the shutdown on August 31, when the Jihadis had control, noted KATV.

He added that restrictions might be letting up as another flight departs on Friday, saying life is normalizing in the country. The other airport with a grounded plane at the Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport prompted fears that they would be trapped and hostage by the Jihadis.

Number of the stranded individual cannot be confirmed

A circulating email leaked alleging that the State Department is actively blocking private flights from picking up stranded citizens and allies. The Administration says that only 100 Americans are left, but the lack of people on the ground makes confirmation difficult. Republicans said it has information that 500 US citizens want out, opposed to the administration's claim. Six planes are waiting to take out everyone from the country, stopped from taking off when the Taliban finally allowed 200 foreigners to leave.

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