A Texas family sought assistance to get out of Afganistan, but Biden's State Department allegedly attempted to block the rescue. Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin calls it a wrong move on the administration. After the August 31 deadline, many American and Afghani allies had to rely on rescue from groups other than the US government.

Last Tuesday,  Rep. Mullin said the State Depart stopped his rescue of Americans trapped in Kabul. The focus of the rescue are US citizens and three children who got out by land at great risk, to them and their saviors.

Texas family rescued despite no government assistance

Mariam, a Texas resident, was with her three children who the Biden administration stranded after the deadline. Mullin and GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, with the assistance of Army veteran Cory Mills were the facilitators that got the family out, reported the Daily Mail.

He added that their group had to cross 20 checkpoints and bribe the Talibans with up to $4,000 per person. The bribe included the woman's family members and whoever accompanied them, noted CNN.

In the same report, the US government claimed they did something, but Mills contested that it is not the truth. The officials of the Biden administration are salvaging it to tarnish its reputation.

The Republican said that the State Department told the embassy concerned not to help them whatsoever. He said it came from the Ambassador that they will provide no assistance. One State Department representative was asked for comment on Mullin' allegation has not been answered.

Mullin added that the second day when they had the family nearly out was when they interceded, but only after Mills did the hard work in Kabul, despite Biden's State Department's attempt to deny the blocked rescue from happening.

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Dangerous overland rescue

The woman and her family had endured many grueling hours in traveling to a haven and in continual danger until they were out of the country. There was no attempt to get the family out, except by the effort of those involved. Administration officials say they helped, but it is reportedly not true. The claim is merely to save the president's dismal actions and failure. The daring private rescue took two weeks when Mullin and Jackson were reached by the family trapped in Kabul. They weren't the only ones trapped and abandoned.

Keeping everything under the radar, lawmakers with a team of contractors work with a group against time to get the trapped family out. Mullin clearly said they were blocked from day one, and everything was dodgy. Instead of the State department trying to help, it acted like the Taliban's big brother, which crosses out the Kabul airport as the exit point. The woman and her family had to escape overland.

Last Monday, the State Department issued guidance when the family crossed into the border, noted Fox. Mullin grated at the claim and noted they were opportunistic. Cory Mills spoke out and scoured the credit grabbing of Biden's State Department.

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