The famed aviator Amelia Earhart and her flight partner, Fred Noonan, were attempting a flight around the world on their Lockheed Model 10-E Electra, but they never reached their destination.

A record of the amazing last flight

Noonan's letter was a record of their progress before he and Earhart disappeared. It is a collection of papers 17 pages long and in his handwriting. The last report was that it was sent from Indonesia, just before they checked in eight days later. Their last records point to their last location over the Pacific Ocean, then radio silence and a mystery that lasted decades reported the Daily Mail.

The last flight record was sent from the Grand Hotel in Indonesia, mailed on June 23, 1937. It represents one of the last communications from the daring pair. In the letters were details of dates, locations, and weather experienced while on the flight.

 A treasure trove of Earhart's last journey

Hunter Person, a San Diego resident, discovered the letter along with four others, rolled up in her dad's desk 40 years ago.

Noonan's was a good friend of her grandfather, and the two had been trading letters for decades, right until the time the captain vanished. Historically, Earhart was an innovator for women as an accomplished flyer, who dared the first circumnavigation on June 1, 1937, with Noonan.

Both flyers embarked Oakland, California, and headed to Miami. The pair then traveled to South America, Africa, east to India, and South Asia. Amelia Earhart's navigator lost letters have records of this leg of the flight.

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They left Papua New Guinea a few weeks later with plans to fuel in Howland tentatively on July 2, 1937. Earhart and Noonan were on dead air for a time and did not respond to attempts at radio contact. They were never seen ever again.

The letters, which were postmarked from 1935 and 1937, might provide crucial information about what happened after Earhart and Noonan departed Papua New Guinea many years ago.

Person spoke to KSWB, "It's a very fascinating letter. It describes the complete story, as I have said, and the last postmark was from Bandung, Java." They were penned by Amelia Earhart's navigator, Captain Fred J. Noonan, who was accompanying her on the unfortunate flight, she added.

Beverly, Person's mom told her before that both Noonan and her dad were writing letters since she was 15 years old. Her mom said a few were for her sometimes.

The letter astonished many experts because it is the final complete account of the trip's final days before the pilots disappeared, and may therefore provide a trail to where the plane has been resting all these years.

Regardless of the fact no one has verified what happened, many individuals have risen to the challenge of resolving the mystery, the most recent are scientists from Penn State University, noted PSU.

Several theories exist on the disappearance, but Amelia Earhart's navigator lost letters were found to give better insights over the flight.

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