The Bermuda Triangle area has been shrouded in mystery, from UFOs to the lost continent of Atlantis. But, one scientist has a logical explanation why it's simpler than even trans-dimensional portals.

One scientist is proposing a simple solution for all the eccentricities of the Devil's triangle. The notorious triangle has had 1,000 people disappear in its confines unexplainably as most would say. Inside a 500,000 kilometer that straddles Florida, Puerto, Rico, and Bermuda is the locus of vanishing ships and people, reported Express UK.

In 1945, the Navy flew five US Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that made it to Bimini Island as the last radio contact. One of the pilots made their last call on the radio, and note that their compasses were awry. They disappeared from radar and were never found. When they disappeared, three search planes followed and were never seen again.

On the radio, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, lead plane pilot, reported a mysterious message. They were entering a zone of white water and expressed disorientation despite their instruments. All planes and pilots lost all orientation then water turned green and not white. Silence followed, and there was no more contact with Flight 19.

From then on, it was speculation and conspiracy theories as the U.S. Navy Flight 19 vanished and the rescue plane to find them. No explanation was given by the Navy top brass.

 Attempts to look for the three rescue planes were the same. But the search ended when nothing was found. Most blame the triangle and other major disappearances for it.

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Erratic weather conditions may be to blame

According to Shane Satterley, a Ph.D. candidate at Griffith University, it is just as obvious as looking into the records of the acclaimed disappearance. This will clear the Devil in the Triangle, which is notorious for conspiracy theories.

He wrote an article for The Conversation, about the disappearance of Flight 19 with Charles Taylor and the Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers. Naval authorities followed up with an investigation, according to Business Fast.

One particular conclusion naval investigators had agreed on is they were overtaken by nightfall, and the weather was erratic. Put to blame was pilot error caused by the Flight leader pointing all 5 planes in the wrong way and into disaster.

One comment by the investigation said that Taylor got lost several times while airborne. He ditched his plane twice in the Pacific Ocean. The navy had an explanation for what preceded when the planes disappeared into thin air.

US Navy's official line

With finality, the disappearance of Flight 19 is still attributed to unknown causes. Taylor's mother did not want her son to be the cause of supposed pilot error. Without wreckage or the pilots' remains, it was unknown what happened.

Overall, the episode was unexpected and the Navy did not want any its airmen to be responsible for the perceived accident. Navy acquiesced to the mother's wishes.

Another point for the final decision is that most were just trainees with the veteran flight leader. It would have compounded their ability to use the flight indicators in night flight or terse weather.

Another input is that water will sink any plane in 45 seconds if they crashed into it. The unforgiving sea claims crashed planes easily in its depths.

Satterley said this is the answer to the Bermuda Triangle Mystery and disappearances, and any conspiracy ideas would be farfetched.

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