The SSN-21 Seawolf-class are attack subs that operate solo for long periods in unknown parts of the world's oceans. Designed to attack soviet ICBM subs like the Typhoon missile sub and launch attacks against surface targets.

SSN-21 Seawolf-class is fast and silent

The hunter-sub's primary mission is to kill Soviet ballistic missile submarines before attacking American targets. Subs are one of the most resilient assets in the Soviet arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles, reported Fas Org.

It is are well-suited for battlespace preparation roles in addition to fighting enemy submarines and other surface ships. The incorporation of sophisticated electronics produces enhanced indications and warning, surveillance, and communications capabilities. These systems can seamlessly connect into a combat group's infrastructure or quickly switch to a land-battle support role.

The features of the sub are a strengthened sail that can tolerate missions in the cold polar regions where the Soviets are close by. It has an eight-tube, double-deck torpedo room to launch torpedoes at multiple threats for defense or attack.

Deadly and quiet when hunting Typhoons

Made to run silent with sophisticated quieting technology to pace with the threat posed by the Soviet Union.

One of the quickest submarines in the United States in terms of speed. Much of the design effort went into noise removal, and the fully coated boat is anticipated to regain the acoustic advantage that the US Navy had for the past three decades.

SSN-21 Sea Wolf Class is a fast and silent underwater beast made to remind America's adversaries what the US can do. Its advanced propulsion system makes it ten times silent than the Improved-688 class and 70 times quiet than the first generation of Los Angeles 688-class submarines over their complete operating range.

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An advanced propulsion system should enable it to move twice as quickly as the I-688 in terms of tactical distance. Tactical speed is the absolute maximum at which a submarine could stay invisible when effectively pursuing target submarines.

Improvements in the SSN-21s propulsion system is a 75-percent improvement over the I-688's, which is significant. Before getting detected, making it closer to its target in the water 75% faster to get into attack position. Some say the LOS Angeles-class submarine at pier side makes more noise than an SSN-21 making 25 knots underwater, cited Naval Technology.

A dry deck shelter (DDS) and a new, primarily built combat swimmer silo will be included in SSN 23's special operations force capabilities, mentioned Navy Recognition.

DDS is an air-transportable device that can store and launch a swimmer delivery vehicle and combat swimmers when piggybacking on the submarine. The silo is a lock-out chamber that can deploy up to eight fighting swimmers and their equipment at one time.

This vessel uses a new welding material to join the steel into plates, hull parts, and long cylindrical sections. One of the first American attack submarines using a hull made entirely of high-pressure HY-100 steel instead of HY80 steel used by previous subs.

The US Navy's deep-diving SEA CLIFF and TURTLE submarines, able to reach depths of over 10,000 feet, were the first to use HY-100 steel in submarines in the early 1960s SNN-21 Seawolf-class, which dives deep for more stealth underwater.

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