Activity in the arctic is ramping up for the U.S. Navy submarines as the usual secrecy is given up. Instead, public surfacing of these secretive vessels is more common. This gives the Russians a heads up that the Americans are just nearby. 

The U.S like Russian is expanding to the colder regions where the Americans have not minded till now. To begin moving, American and NATO subs into the region, the port in Norway will serve this purpose. There are provisions for a port to stop or resupply and continue to extend operations with the cooperation of the Norwegians. Having a foothold in the arctic is a key step in the naval strategy for U.S. planners, reported Breaking Defence. 

According to Cmdr. Kyle Raines, spokesman for the U.S. Navy in Europe and he said the visits are a heads up to the major players in the cold regions. The goal is to keep close coordination with the Norwegian Ministry of Defense to maintain the Tromso port.

 The Tromso port

 Located 190 miles from the arctic circle, the Tromso port is a strategic piece for the U.S and NATO. Most of the facilities are already done, but according to sources, there is still fine-tuning and adjustments in progress.

One of the officials, Marita Isaksen Wangberg, a spokesperson for the Norwegian military, stated by email that some final touches are needed to allow nuke subs to enter the dock. Other concerns like regulations are needed but all the particulars of the port are done, The Frontier Post.

Tromso has been a focus of much military activity because of its location to Russia's Kola peninsula, where the Northern Fleet of Russia calls home.

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Last August 21, the U.S. fleet sent its premier fast attack sub-USS Sea wolf to the surface of the Tromso to pick up passengers. This is rare for the Sub service that keeps all its activity in stealth, letting the world know the Seawolf was in the arctic areas near the Russian fleet.

The sub is only one of three fast attack subs that are made to gather intelligence on enemy operations. Docked in Washington, the sub must have been sailing under the arctic ice and going to the Tromso coast.

A few days before the Seawolf, one of the American war vessel USS Roosevelt a destroyer visited Tromso as well. The Ship finished a 50-day patrol done in the Northern regions.

Operations in the Northern Seas will need the support of NATO allies to enable operations, said Capt. Joseph Gagliano, commander, Task Force 65. Stressing that Tromso's support to the Navy.

It's voyage from its homeport in Bangor, Washington, to faraway Norway, shows the reach of the Seawolf. Stressing the steal and secrecy that allows U.S. forces to go on its intended missions, Navy Vice Adm. Daryl Caudle of the sub-service in a statement.

 More U.S. assets like the six B-52 Stratofortresses landed in the UK base, in a non-stop flight from an AFB in North Dakota USA. Soon after, the bombers flew with the Norwegian air force in wide flyover which Moscow replied with several incidents in the Baltic or Black Seas.

Norway's help to secure docking for U.S. submarines in an Arctic port is crucial keeping tabs on Russian at Kola.

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