Former President Donald Trump has recently requested Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to secure the 2020 Election Audit. Reports of lax security alarmed the organizers who worry about Democrats who might mess up the audit.

Arizona Governor Ducey warned of laxness at 2020 Election Audit

Last Saturday, Trump asked Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to secure the site for the vote audit in the biggest county in Arizona state, reported NTD.

Trump was quoted to give this statement regarding the Arizona audit on April 24, reported by AZ Family.

"The Republican Party is insisting that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey provide immediate large-scale security for the brave American Patriots undertaking the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election."

He added that the governor would be considered completely accountable. For defense, state police or the National Guard must be dispatched immediately. 

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A request for comment by Ducey's office was not promptly reported. The controversial audit was begun on Monday in Maricopa county. The state Senate has contracted companies to analyze 2.1 million ballots, check voting machines, look for IT breaches and execute a hand count.

Last February 25, the state-issued subpoenas required to perform the audit were determined to be legitimate.

Democrats were scrambling to file an emergency request to stop the 2020 election audit late Thursday. One judge says that it will be allowed provided that a $1 million bond will be placed.

Arizona Senate Approves Major Audit of 2.1 Million Votes in the 2020 Presidential Election

Democrats stated in the lawsuit that audit workers were not appropriately qualified and that the companies had not adopted or introduced security protocols, such as ballot handling regulations, as required by state law. During the hearing, plaintiffs' counsel Roopali Desai said that sources suggested there had been improper access to ballots this week.

Democrats did not offer evidence for their arguments, according to Kory Langhofer, a lawyer for the state Senate.

Wake Technology Services, CyFIR, Digital Discovery, and Cyber Ninjas are four out-of-state companies undertaking the audit. According to the Senate, the audit will be led by Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm that focuses on computer application protection for financial services and government clients. The results of the state audit will be released in two months.

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Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, worried about audit security, asked Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, to look into allegations that the Senate tried to defend the equipment and ballots its contractors are auditing, resulting in "unapproved and unsupervised access to both" on Friday.

In a personal letter, Brnovich wrote to Hobbs, saying that he doubted her ambiguous reference to reports "does not meet the criteria of a credible allegation-it is speculation insufficient to support the request for an official investigation."

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