The search for uncounted ballots before the deadline in affected counties has yielded a surprise. A Georgia Election audit reveals a total of 3,309 ballots in several Georgia counties.

The 2020 Presidential Election is not over yet, with recounts and searches for legal ballots according to the Trump camp. This has yielded another shocker as a few thousand ballots (3,309) were discovered in Georgia. A recount of all the votes is being done to ensure the 2020 election is fair, especially with massive doubts, reported Fox News.

Another round of manual counting by the electoral officials in Fayette County produce 2,755 ballots that were ignored during counting. Whatever the intent of passing over them is yet to be determined.

 One Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling told Fox 5 Atlanta that if it wasn't for the audit, it would be left hidden cheating the owners of the ballots of their vote. It did not go unnoticed that an aberrant number of too many absentee voting forms were availed. Further inspection reveals more that did not match the lists.

One reason the official cited that the proper procedures weren't followed. No other explanation followed. But the Georgia Election audit did help in counting the missed uncounted ballots.

 Another ballot trail found

 More ballots were discovered in Walton County which was an additional 248. When asked for an explanation for the anomalous misplacement of the voting forms. Lori Wood explained to the Walton Tribune the problem was caused by votes that were uploaded earlier onto one of the two machines used in the precinct.

 Wood said that would have been detected eventually by the election office. Adding it may be noticed this week, but it will be.

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Discovery of these votes by employing the force of the law in Walton County gave the incumbent an extra 176. It gives Trump a chance for four more years.

Finding more votes that numbered more than 2,600 ballots in Floyd County was not included in the count. Further statements were released by election officials, Floyd County Republican Party chair Luke Martin said the mishap was a concern but not a widespread problem.

One of the explanations after the counting fluke at Lafayette County is credited to lapses in sufficient observation while counting the voting forms. Martin alluded to these reasons caused by errors doing the counts, till noticing it too late.

 Martin said if this was human error and electoral officials, if the public was there at the count it would be avoided. He stressed that they were never given a chance by the officials. Revealed these observations on Fox News last Tuesday. 

As a result of the irregularity in vote counting, there will be an investigation of all Fulton County's election management.

More uncounted ballots need to be unearthed during the audit, and more will be needed to overlap the reported votes of ex-VP Joe Biden. At last count, it was at 14,000 votes for the challenger, but the incumbent is not giving up because he is still the legal US president. But one shocker is the votes found did slash 1,000 less, making Biden at 13,000 said Sterling.

 If the Georgia Election audit adds more uncounted ballots in the counties concerned, then claims of election anomalies are not speculation. Trump can win only it.

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