Sidney Powell, one of the Trump attorneys in his legal team, tasked to keep the president in the political fight, made bombshells recently. She said there is more proof that the Democrats have rigged the elections to let Joe Biden win.

 A vast majority of voters during the last elections have voiced protest that Joe Biden is not the legitimate winner yet. Because of this, the legal team of the president vows to fight for a 'free and fair' election. Many American voters declare they don't want the swamp to win.

Last Sunday, Powell interviewed on FOX; she talked about what the Trump team is doing. At one point, she said they obtained critical information that pointed to official acting corruptly for financial gain in Democrat states. She was asked who they were but declined and said nothing more, reported Oann.

 Powell added that the evidence they have is mounting with affidavits from whistleblowers. Another is tampering of votes electronically, which she alleged accounts for the large reversals for Joe Biden. Citing for one the widespread voter fraud that most voters feel has become prevalent in the elections.

One of Powell's bombshells regarding the poll cheating is proof traced to 2016, that might launch a criminal investigation for those responsible for it. She pointed out that one of Biden's team is one of the board of directors of flawed Dominion voting systems that are suspected of flaws that led to anomalies.

According to her, the election has the results manipulated, which is in favor of Harris-Biden. Not specifying, but stating how their information about electoral cheating is plentiful. The other side even has algorithms and mathematics that show how the vote occurs.

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Furthermore, the Trump camp has specialists familiar with the system used to enable cheating the vote. It does exist, and they know how it works, whatever system it is.

The software is Smartmatic, which is the software's brand. Its use is to easily switch votes with the proper invention that unlawfully cheats on results. One gargantuan example is the large lead of Biden in the dead of night.

One of the alleged ways for poll cheaters to diminish the lead of an opposing candidate (President Trump) leads a large margin. Can lose thousands of real votes to back door built into the system. It is a system of automated cheating that redistributes the votes.

On point, Rudy Giuliani, the trusted lawyer of President Trump, made waves last weekend. He charged that Dominion and Smartmatic are in cahoots with suspicious glitches and election anomalies. 

He gave Biden a statistically impossible lead over the people's choice President Donald Trump. He added all would come out.

Dominion said it did not steal the election, and the software did not cheat the results. Even claiming that the 2020 Election is secure compare to others.

Behind the scene, suits are filed by the lawyers in contested states to find legal votes to be counted. Despite the headline by anti-Trump media that says Biden won, not admitting defeat is subject to who says it.

Trump attorney Sidney Powell says that they will continue the fight and overturn the election to the American people's real president until the certification deadline.

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