Two attorneys general from Texas and Missouri sue President Biden and his administration to resume the remain in Mexico policy of then-president Trump. They cited it should be done to stem the tide of aliens at the borders.

Remain in Mexico Policy is vital to dealing with illegals

In a statement about the complaint, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, "President Joe Biden could effectively remedy the surge of crime and illegals passing the border by reinstating the Migrant Protection Protocols." During the Trump era, Mexico's stay worked until the President struck it down with his executive orders, reported the Epoch Times.

"Dangerous offenders are making a mockery of the law enforcement lapse, resulting in human trafficking, bribery, a whole slew of violent crimes, and a massive cost, overwhelming strain on state and federal programs which taxpayers must pay the bill for," Paxton said.

The Trump administration's Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) was introduced in January 2019 and required aliens to remain in Mexico for the length of their immigration proceedings.

Thousands of illegal aliens were released into the United States before its implementation to wait for their cases. Many of them sometimes disappear in the country and are never seen again.

Biden's administration announced soon after his inauguration that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would "cease adding individuals to the (MPP) program" on January 21.

According to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, the administration's failed policies caused the border crisis. Their blunders have made it hard to enforce border laws due to the President himself's bad decisions by ending the remain in Mexico policy.

Republican Attorneys Plan Legal Roadblocks Against Biden Agenda

It is time that the President admits that he failed in protecting the US border from the migrant surge, put back Trump-era border policies to restore the rule of law at the borders.

The two attorneys general claimed in the lawsuit (pdf) that MPP played an "important role" in coping with the border crisis and that the Biden administration "disregarded the controlling legal authority and basic standards set out in the Administrative Procedure Act" by suspending the program.

Both the attorneys general said that Texas and Missouri had spent more than they should have to fight human trafficking by drug cartels, caused by the President's seeming ignorance in issuing executive orders set out in the Administrative Procedure Act.

The President's overreach has caused crimes against Texas and border communities caused by illegals' surge, with the cartels at the helm of illegal activities. Texas and its taxpayers are providing extra housing, educating, and providing healthcare and other social services for non-Americans which is too much to handle.

They added that the Biden Administration's unlawful suspension of the MPP costs both Texas and Missouri damage in resources and their communities' safety.

Paxton shot back that this lawlessness and ignorance caused by the President is inexcusable; he must not ignore the crisis and act now. Until now, the Biden administration has not admitted its blunders but gave excused instead.

A week ago, Texas and Louisiana filed a lawsuit against the administration for not taking responsibility for criminal illegal immigrants. The remain in Mexico policy was unlawfully repealed, and no attempt to reinstate it.

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