US Border Official reports that 861 aliens were criminals. The spillover was known as the border patrol caught them entering with others. They use the migrant surge to slip in without being discovered. 

US Border Official reported criminals crossing over

 According Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings, the border crisis allowed undesirables into the US. He said that agents caught 861 career criminals. About 92 sex offenders and 63 gang members were detected, reported the Epoch Times.

One Salvadorian man with a criminal record for murder was found along with 862 illegal aliens. They attempted to cross the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas, Hastings wrote on Twitter Saturday.

He added that patrol agents encountered about five large groups of illegal immigrant families. They were single minors, adults who were 539 in all. Meeting these increasing numbers at the US border is ordinary.

Large groups had about 93 minors without relatives said the border official. Only a total of 18,000 children were included in the alien groups. These children are alleged to be trojan horses by criminals and coyotes.

President Biden would not apologize or take responsibility for the border crisis. Neither did he feel that reversing Trump's policies need any explanation from him. He doubted his invitation is the cause of the overflowing border.

The US government is talking to Mexico to receive the illegal immigrants instead. The problem with his open border has exploded, and backlash is happening, said the US Border Official. Everyone from Republicans and some Democrats has called out the administration.

Mainstream Media Calls Out White House for Lack of Border Access

Refusing to accept the reversal of Trump-era policies kept a secure border to affect Biden badly. Though top democrats are defending what is the biggest fiasco at the border, flak from GOPs and unlikely Democrats like Cuellar is a bad sign of a failed policy.

Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas) stated on March 24 that Biden is right in his actions. Citing there are allowances to let minors come in if needed. But, the pandemic and problems that come make it difficult.

Data from the Border Patrol cites 13% of unaccompanied minors are crossing the border. Many of them are less than 12 years old for most of them. The others are 13 or older, per the border patrol reports.

One solution is to send the older minors to their countries. Vela offered this option for solving the problem. Usually, the administration should be finding solutions, not spinning the reports.

Vela commented once the outbreak is under control, they will bring back the policies that work. That will help slowly to gain some control of the situation. It will assist in relieving the existing problem.

Members of the press have blamed the White House for such lack of transparency. Restricted access to border facilities used to house minors and other illegal migrants.

 A US Border Official calls minors the tip when compared to criminals who might have gotten through. Rolling back Trump-era policies is the only solution.

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