The former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley revealed that she is not contesting a bid for the White House in the 2024 elections if Donald Trump runs as president. She said this is a response to him considered the number one contender.

Nikki Haley will forgo her bid if Donald Trump runs

One of the top picks as a Republican 2024 presidential candidate, Haley announced last Monday, Trump's bid for the Oval Office would be the priority, not hers. Most Republicans are crossing their fingers that a Trump run will recapture the White House in four years, reported the Epoch Times.

Ex-Governor Haley was quoted by the Associated Press to the release this statement.

"I would not run if President Trump ran, and I would talk to him about it."

"If that decision is something that needs to be made," she said, "we'll have a discussion about it at some point."

She is one of the prominent female Republicans with a fair shot at running as a presidential candidate. At her age, 46 years old, she is an accomplished Republican with credits to government service.

Other than her, the other possible nominees from the GOP are South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. All of them have supported Trump's agenda as president and acknowledged his leadership as the 45th president to sit in the White House.

Nikki Haley, like Pompeo, was a part of the Donald Trump administration, acting as the United States ambassador to the United Nations. She left the position in 2018, expressing a desire to leave the public sector after nearly eight years.

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On Monday, she said that Trump would get her full support should he run for a long-awaited second term to begin in 2024. She disagrees with what the Biden administration has done, causing even those who oppose Trump to rally behind him.

When asked regarding Trump's strong complaints of former Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Haley replied, "I think former President Trump has always been opinionated."

She added that even if Trump is not president, he won't stop there. During his administration, he achieved nothing short of compelling, and Republicans are smart enough to see that even after he called some RINOS. Trump's uniting influence based on action and success in policies and the mistakes of Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris is another factor for the GOP's unification.

Trump is still not saying that he will run on a third presidential bid. A month ago, he told daughter-in-law Lara Trump during a one on one that there is a chance that he would.

Former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said a good 50-50 would be the best bet when asked what he thought of Trump running. He added, "I'm feeling great about President Trump's willingness to serve once again in the Oval Office."

Everyone awaits the big announcement of Donald Trump, with all the necessary preparations, and is being encouraged by many people for another term. Nikki Haley is fully supportive of it and will back down if needed.

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