The recent CPAC Straw Poll was a big win for Trump. One of the contenders Ron DeSantis is the second in line.

In Florida, the CPAC convened and conservatives converged in the Sunshine state to see what comes next for America's conservatives. This year is important as Trump engages the Republicans to set the pace till 2024.

Trump emerges as the top choice

In the CPAC, former President Donald Trump got the top for the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll. It is the gauge who can be the top presidential candidate for 2024, reported the Blaze.

A poll was done to get the consensus for conservatives and their top choice in the CPAC. The ex-president gave his much-awaited speech. Those opposing the liberals want to know what he'll say.

One issue that was raised is election integrity in connection to the  2020 election. The CPAC attendees (62%) were adamant that election integrity be resolved. Another 48% said that said constitutional rights must be upheld not broken. Immigration and kick-starting the economy were also integral issues to conservatives.

Not surprising is the common consensus of where the Republicans are headed and what agenda is desired. Of all the conservatives, about 95% screams to Trump's agenda and policies to continue driving the GOP.

Even after office, the ex-president got 97% with CPAC attendees that were bolstered with 87% to approve while in office. These numbers are not like those used by the current administration when it comes to Biden's.

A consensus from the attendees is 68% that says Trump should run in 2024. Should he win, he'll be 78-years old like Biden

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Should 2024 be the real deal for another Trump White House with 55% and Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was the runner-up at 21%. This makes DeSantis a successor to Trump, while GOP Gov. Kristi Noem at 4% and Nikki Haley at 3% were the next ones in line.

Successor to Trump's agenda

Part of the CPAC straw poll is who will be the next in line, which is significant should Trump not commit in 2024. The top choice for conservatives is DeSantis (43%), with Noem at 11%, Donald Trump Jr. with 8%, Ted Cruz got 7% and others getting 3% each like Tucker Carlson, Josh Hawley, Ivanka Trump.

In the 2016 CPAC, it was Ted Cruz with 40% the followed by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)., but Trump did not come to the 2016 CPAC and got 15% only. Last Friday, DeSantis nuked immigration, big tech control of media, last is election security in his CPAC speech.

He said that Florida leads on conservatives' issues that matter. Added that it is not all talk that is hollow, but action not sitting back. Saying that the Republican establishment is not enough, there should be more done to change the GOP. Remarked that open borders are not wanted with American sovereignty, also uphold the American worker. He scoured that everything should be done to support the American worker. The CPAC Straw Poll indicates that Trump is poised for another run but he'll say when it is a go.

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