Nikki Haley goes on the offensive and tells liberal media that is causing problems for GOP unity. She calls it a dirty trick to divide the GOP at a critical moment which is underhanded.

For four years, the left-leaning media has been after conservatives and Trump in their sights. Not missing a beat to muddle up the worsening rift of the Republican Party even more.

Biased media stoking the Republicans disunity

In a new op-ed, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, gave a harsh message to the media, which has swung to the left. One of her accusations is that they have been using former President Trump as a tool to do that, reported the Epoch Times.

The article published in the Wall Street Journal featured her views on how media outlets are trying to manipulate and pit conservatives against each other. Calling the way, they present news in a slanted way to creating a situation where GOP members will end up bickering.

Influence whether Trump is acceptable or not to its members. One side wants Trump, and on the other, those who don't want him. One more are those who cannot decide, which places the Republicans in a weakened position. This deepening rift makes them easy for the Democrats to go after.

Media orchestrating a nonstop Republican civil war

Nikki Haley said the Leftist and biased media is pushing a Republican civil war and trying its best to make it burn higher. Its play is to use Donald Trump as the piece to make them choose for or against. Everyone has to pick sides which Haley says is the main goal in the Wednesday op-ed.

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Adding critically, that ant criticism of Trump from the right, on cue leftist media muddles everything up. Saying that Republicans having it both ways does not help their case.

She reasoned out that nothing is ever simple, and anyone can do good or bad either way. Mentioning leftists and conservatives is giving Donald Trump opinions; either like it, or you don't. His action is fixated on too much, but he knows what they want with more common sense involved.

The GOP's future

The second impeachment and Trump's acquittal set the stage where the Republican Party stands in the next moves. The media is looking closely at what GOP lawmakers will do with the genie out of the lamp. An unfair trial unmasked who was or was against the ex-President in the conviction vote. Many observers comment that political futures are on the line, especially the seven Republicans who voted convict.

Haley said that party affiliations are divisive, and the United States may not overcome its worst adversities. Politics pits everyone against each other, and everything becomes complicated. This is not healthy and will not solve anything in the long run.

 Now, she opens up and says, does the anti-Trump media want disunity. Or are they after-hate and a polarized atmosphere to benefit attention and clicks online. Is the situation made by media to profit from, especially the anti-Trump outlets?

Nikki Haley says that division is made by media spinning the truth, which affects the Republican party. Their final goal is to keep it divided, so Democrats and liberals win.

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