Former Major League Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent criticized the unnecessary Georgia boycott by Robert Manfred, who is the MLB's current commissioner who authorized moving its All-Star game from Atlanta in Georgia.

One of the reasons why the Baseball league started the boycott is because it objected to the state's election reform law. It followed after president Biden commented on the new law that required IDS for voters to be allowed to vote.

MLB and its Georgia boycott is politically motivated

The Wall Street Journal had an op-ed that features ex-MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent, who stated that Robert Manfred decided to boycott Atlanta without reading the election reform laws' actual content. He also said the current MLB commission allows the government's weaponization and cancel culture to drag in the game into political disputes, reported the Epoch Times.

Fay Vincent was quoted to say this statement in the Daily Mail.

"Major League Baseball cannot become a cultural tool, a captive of one political party or philosophy. It cannot be limited to the wealthy or the poor, nor to one race, as it was until 1947. Baseball must still be elevated above politics and its dark underbelly of corruption, greed, and heinous self-interest. Standing for national glory can't go wrong."

Democrats tried to spin the election integrity law by saying there will be imposed limits on voter access, especially those who cannot secure an identification card. When the 98-page bill was looked over for voters' supposed suppression, it showed voters are given an easier time to cast their vote.

To allow more chances to vote, an extra Sunday with extended poll hours to get everyone's ballot in. What's the point of the Georgia boycott by MLB?

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The new law allowed constant monitoring of the ballot drop boxes, but fewer of them were to be drop ballots than before, lessening fraud chances. Manfred's inability to discuss the law's content before triggering the boycott, Vincent claimed, now puts the MLB commissioner in the "awkward spot" of having to defend voting laws in Denver, Colorado, the current All-Star game host city. He also said that the only people who stand to lose money are Atlanta residents.

The midsummer All-Star Game is an exhibition that will benefit where it will be held, which should be in Atlanta. Instead, it will be transferred to Denver, which will be the new host city. He added that players are getting paid where the game is held, MLB gets the usual television revenue. Manfred took away Money from Atlanta's stadium workers and local vendors.

Vincent noticed the financial ties between the league and China, ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). According to Chinese media, the MLB recently expanded its contract with Tencent, a Chinese tech giant with strong links to the CCP.

The Trump administration said that the CCP had enslaved the Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and have been accused of committing genocide. The previous administration even sanctioned CCP officials for persecuting the Falun Gong. "If the Georgia boycott by the MLB is racist as the Biden administration says it is, why is baseball doing business with China," he said.

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