Rep. Crenshaw slammed Democrats for calling ID Laws unnecessary, citing reasons to deny it. Last elections, many mail-in ballots had sketchy identification, which questioned their election integrity.

According to Second-term Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), both Republicans and Democrats need to gain voters' trust. One of them is bolstering laws like the national voter ID requirements that guarantee election integrity, reported the Epoch Times.

He mentioned that Democrats are against any election rules that are practical and commonsense. However, Democrats would rather do without it, arguing that voting is so hard to do. 

Instead, DEMs were making up excuses to get rid of such laws. About four in five American voters want an ID system, but the DEMs would rather not.

He gave this speech last Wednesday, as the DEMS are busy laying the groundwork for the midterms. It is probably a rehash of 2020 if they can get back the horrible losses in the Senate and the House. The specter of GOP win in 2022 will derail them and the Biden Administration.

Rep. Crenshaw added they could not deny that Americans want the election integrity before 2020. He cited that there is no trust in the mail-in ballots no one asked for. He said that the Democrats are getting spurned by many Americans because it seems to work for them.

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The Democrats allegedly ensured their hold on the votes and seats by forcing states into their H.R.1 bill. It says that it is an automatic voter registration system used for federal elections and same-day voter registration. 

Several Republicans saw an opportunity for the Democrats to set up another election in their favor. Looking forward to 2024, they want to make sure they won't lose.

Crenshaw said this is a big move that will ensure the Democrats will get the results they want. This will make more Americans fear another 2020 that had mail-in-ballot-scams and flawed ID requirements all in their favor. 

The bill will allow dishonesty in a flawed election to take away the legitimate vote of many Americans. Everything illegal to have a tainted election with all shenanigans to disenfranchise who is the rightful winner will be done. Democrats want the states to ignore their own constitutions and violate their laws like them.

Chair of the House Administration Committee, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), last Wednesday, showed that Republicans' wanting to have clean elections are against the H.R.1 and again using the race card muddle the issues. The issue is DEMs need ID Laws but doesn't want it.

Lofgren says that November 3 was legitimate, but the DEMs lost many seats in the Senate and the House. Rep. Crenshaw says ID Laws are needed, but DEMs want their version of election integrity.

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